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June 26, 2022

Ciolos, Barna launch appeal to citizens’ unity for “saving democracy”

The leaders of the Romania Together Movement and Save Romania Union (USR), Dacian Ciolos (photo C) and Dan Barna (photo R), launched an appeal to citizens to join them in their efforts “to save democracy”, in order to prevent together the PSD-ALDE coalition to amend the Criminal Codes.

“In the last 18 months, our democracy only suffered. The political agenda was dedicated to escape Liviu Dragnea from jail. The priorities weren’t the country’s education, health or infrastructure, but the amendments to the Criminal Code in order to escape corrupt politicians. The scandal, the lies and the manipulation are the instruments aggressively used by the ruling coalition to achieve its goals. In Dragnea’s case, the law was amended for the first time with the clear intention to annul a sentence established by a court. The fact that after 30 years since the Revolution, some politicians use the power received from people in order to settle their personal criminal problems, is a clear signa that we need a deep reformation of the political class” reads the appeal signed by Ciolos and Barna.

They mention that a majority parliamentary coalition used its legislative power to intervene in the judicial trial, and the fundaments of the Law, of Justice and public morality were demolished by the PSD-ALDE parliamentarians on July 4, 2018.

The two leaders remind that in the last 18 months, the political dialogue has degraded at a worrying pace.

“The level of incompetence and nepotism of the current Government is inconceivable for a country with many resources of intelligence, creativity and professionalism. The victimization of those who rule, aberrant theories of conspiracy and an extremely aggressive language against Justice were the tactics of the televisions and newspapers who serve PSD/ALDE” reads the appeal.

The leaders of the Romania Together Movement and USR say that they received a lot of messages in the last days: What can we do? How can we stop them? How can we help? Who saves us?

“We have also received some deserved criticisms. We were told that we don’t do enough. That we haven’t involved enough. That we don’t have a joint plan to remove from the government those who change the rule of law with unfair orders. Our organizations are different. We have different views, programs and social and economic models. But we are united by a few values – we believe in the rule of law, in a moral public life and in a state with solid democratic institutions. We will not waive Romania. We need clean politics and we support the citizens’ initiative Without Criminals in Public Positions. We need your support to collect the necessary signatures” reads the appeal.

Ciolos and Barna say that they used all the parliamentary and civic instruments they had so far “to stop them from their sprint in mutilating the Laws on Justice, the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code”.

“We slowed them down, we made them give up some articles. We put them in the spotlight and we made them explain why they lead Romania knowingly into a dead end. They were nervous at the last voting, they passed the Criminal Code to the limit. It’s not a defeat, but it’s the beginning of the ed for them. They cannot rely on a majority by themselves. When we felt that the parliamentary instruments are not enough, we urged you to protest. We also went in the street when we saw that each one of us must go to the squares. Your presence in the street intimidated them. They took steps back and they were afraid of using all the weapons they have to quickly legislate. This call is an urge to unity against a coalition that brought us here. But this call is also an urge to realism and hope” the signatories say.

They are calling the citizens to join them in their efforts they will make forwards.

“We call you to join us in our efforts we will do forwards, we are open to dialogue and proposals, and we call any democratic organization, professional association, union, NGO, academic institution, to join to this appeal and to find together common solutions and actions to save democracy. We commit ourselves and suggest you to use together all the parliamentary and civic resources and instruments we have to prevent them to achieve their goals” Ciolos and Barna concluded.



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