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July 23, 2021

FinMin Teodorovici: The state must recover RON 1.2 million from President’s family. It would be fair, legal and moral for them to immediately pay this sum to the Romanian state

The Iohannis family must pay the state RON 1.2 million in damages, representing the sum they collected as rent for a building located in Sibiu, a building lost definitively in court, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici stated on Friday.

“The owner of that building is no longer up for debate, it’s clear it is no longer owned by the Iohannis family, so it’s implicitly clear that the sum collected in 2001-2015 as rent must be paid back to the Romanian state,” the Finance Minister said.

“It would be fair, legal and moral to immediately pay that sum to the Romanian state. So, RON 1,278,856 from the Iohannis family, and the remaining RON 1,300,000 from the other side involved, both sides must pay this sum to the Romanian state, because it will be paid anyway,” Teodorovici said.

The Finance Minister added that each day that goes by without that sum being paid will result in interest that the President’s family will have to pay.

“Each day of delay, of non-payment of that sum, brings with it interest, because the President is benefitting from that sum today too, he is using it. If he spent it he must pay it, it’s not our concern as a state that he spent it. The state needs the money, to use it for the interest of the communities. So, he knows very well that he must pay that sum,” the Finance Minister added.

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici stated on Thursday that the Tax Authority (ANAF) will recover – even through compulsory levy if need be – the damage caused by President Klaus Iohannis’s family, pointing out that the data will be made public.

On 22 February 2017, Pitesti Court of Appeals magistrates took a final decision in this case. In reaction, Presidential Spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi stated: “President Klaus Iohannis observes the decisions of the courts. The President of Romania has taken note of the civil ruling of the Pitesti Court of Appeals. The President has complied with the court’s decision ever since November 2015, when the irrevocable decision was taken by the Brasov Court of Appeals.”

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday that ANAF Director Ionut Misa should be preoccupied with the recovery of all damages, including “the hundreds of thousands of euro in damage that President Klaus Iohannis caused by obtaining houses through forgery.”

Asked if he has proof on the existence of the deep state, PSD President Liviu Dragnea answered last Thursday: “I will bring you the proof when he pays hundreds of thousands of euro to the Romanian state. If Teodorovici and Misa intend to recover the money from President Iohannis. If there is no more money and they no longer have room in the treasury’s chests, then we’ll pass a tax amnesty. There is also a criminal complaint against President Iohannis. We are talking in that case about houses obtained through forgery, and hundreds of thousands of euro that must be paid to the Romanian state.”


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