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September 29, 2022

PSD Deputy Secretary on impeaching President: We’re waiting for the jurists’ point of view

The PSD-ALDE coalition is about to decide whether it will trigger the impeachment procedures, against the backdrop in which the Head of State has been refusing, for a month now, to enforce the Constitutional Court’s decision to dismiss Laura Codruta Kovesi. Liviu Dragnea had announced a coalition meeting for Monday, however the meeting will no longer take place, considering that Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu has delegated his prerogatives for the July 9-11 period, according to a decision published in the Official Journal. The said decision was taken by the Senate’s leadership on Wednesday, July 4.

“Of course, if you ask our members from the counties and our voters, everyone is driving us crazy with the impeachment. It’s fantastic pressure, including online. But you can’t take this decision before you analyse everything. Everything means everything – costs, votes, percentage, date, process, whether it’s necessary or it’s not necessary, what the Constitution says, how much time Iohannis has to observe the decision. All these things, you can’t think them with the heart, as I do. A PSD-ALDE mixed commission is being formed, which must draft – not a report, because we’re not communists – some points of view. These can be ready this evening, they can be ready tomorrow. We will discuss them and see what this is about, we’ll ask questions: ‘why this way and not that way?’ At any rate, from the electorate, the large part of it that supports us, there is fabulous pressure for impeachment, because the way Iohannis is treating this issue regarding the Constitution is already a mockery, it’s a sort of ‘let’s make fun of the whole people,’” PSD Deputy Secretary General stated for Mediafax.

Stefanescu added that there will not be a coalition meeting on Monday, as initially announced by Liviu Dragnea, but that the Social Democrats will read the jurists’ opinion.

“Based on the opinion of PSD as a whole, he (Liviu Dragnea – editor’s note) has a free hand to inform us we are going for an impeachment. Without a doubt. Logic however says you should look at the points of view of the best jurists and analysts we have in both parties, and I believe we have the best of them anyway. We take into account. From the standpoint of support, Dragnea has the full support of the pro-PSD and pro-coalition public opinion,” Stefanescu told Mediafax.

Codrin Stefanescu stated that ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu can be notified by email about the conclusions of the commission of jurists, considering that Tariceanu is away from the country in the following days.

“The logical option is that the leaders of the coalition must wait for all points of view,” Stefanescu said, adding: “We kept hoping that Iohannis will mind the Court’s decision. This was the whole permanent hope. We kept hoping he will enforce the decision, at once. Thirty-one days have passed. It’s far too long. We’ve understood you’re defending these merry boys, the Securitate state. We’ve understood you are afraid, they promised they will put you President. We’ll see how it will turn out at the elections. We accept absolutely anything from you: that you swear at us from Cotroceni, from the official rostrum of the Presidential Administration. This isn’t happening anywhere on the globe, but we accept it from him because that’s how we are in the Balkans, for you to swear at us from there, naming names, calling us all lawbreakers.”

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday that the members of the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition will decide on Monday whether to impeach President Iohannis but expressed his belief that impeachment “must be a serious option.”

“He was talking about the dictatorship of the majority. Well, this is exactly the approach of a dictator, because this is the majority through elections, in democracy. The majority bothers him. It’s exactly the logic of a dictator. Elections do not count, the only thing that counts is what only one man wants, who must have the CCR [Constitutional Court], the institutions, subordinated to him. I’ve talked with Mr Tariceanu and I’ve told him that in my view the impeachment of the President must be a serious approach (…) And Mr Tariceanu said that he disagrees and that we must analyse things and we must take a decision: yes or no,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

Other Social Democratic leaders are also talking about an imminent impeachment.

“Eventually, the conflict that President Iohannis is permanently stoking, refusing to observe certain constitutional stipulations and to enforce a CCR decision, cannot go unanswered. These childish reasons, that he did not read enough, or he is reading with great difficulty, cannot be veritable reasons for not enforcing a CCR decision. I believe things can’t tarry very long and we will see what the leaders of the ruling coalition will discuss, but if the President obstinately refuses to enforce a CCR decision then impeachment will probably become inevitable,” PSD Vaslui leader Dumitru Buzatu stated recently.

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