Ministry of Justice posts OECD correspondence in case of Drago Kos

The Ministry of Justice posted on Monday the correspondence with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which would suggest that Drago Kos’ statements would not have been made on behalf of the OECD.

‘While Mr. Kos is the Chair of the Working Group on International Business Transactions, he does not use his title in the interview, nor does he indicate that he speaks in such a capacity. Therefore the interview in question cannot be presumed as being delivered on behalf of the OECD.’ reads one of the OECD replies, posted on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Further to the correspondence, the OECD states that it cannot comment on Drago Kos’ views reflected in the Romanian press. We cannot comment on the way in which Mr Kos’ views have been presented by the Romanian press. Similarly it is not for the OECD Secretariat to approve or disapprove any statement you would wish to make in this respect, while noting that we have already responded to the question related to Mr Kos’ capacity in our e-mail of 12 June 11:03.’, the OECD said.

The Ministry of Justice summarized that Kos’ statements allegedly have not been made on behalf of the OECD.

“As one can see, the OECD states, in correspondence with the Ministry of Justice, that: Mr. Kos is the president of the Working Group for International Commercial Transactions, thing being mentioned by the Minister of Justice on June 13, 2018. At the same time, the ministry stresses that one cannot presume that the interview was given on behalf of the OECD, and the OECD cannot comment on the way in which Mr Kos’ views were reflected by the Romanian press,” the Ministry of Justice mentions.

On Monday morning, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader announced that he would post the reply received from the OECD, and one will see “who distorts the truth.” “Today [Monday], I will post the answer received from the OECD! One will see who distorts the truth!”, Toader wrote on Facebook.

On June 4, the justice minister announced that he had sent a letter to the OECD requesting that he be told if Drago Kos’ statements had been made on behalf of the organization.

“Threats from OECD or internal manipulations? On Monday morning, I will address the OECD to formally communicate whether Mr. Drago Kos’ statements were made in his own name or on behalf of the OECD, as the title of Ziare.com accredits.( …) In an article published on June 1, it is stated that, on behalf of the OECD, Mr Drago Kos made a series of statements of great gravity to the Romanian Constitutional Court. The publication also cites the same sources, also on behalf of the OECD, claiming that “your justice minister will soon learn, in a tough way, that he is a big error,” Toader said on Facebook.

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