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September 30, 2022

PSD’s Dragnea: Discussions concerning the president’s suspension will continue within the party

The chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea announced Monday that discussions concerning suspending president Klaus Iohannis will continue within the party and coalition.

He said in a press conference that he received on the phone news about the revocation of the chief-prosecutor of National Anticorruption Directorate’s (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi, saying though that the delay of this decision is not the only reason that would bring about the president’s suspension.

“The news about the revocation I received on the phone (…) President Iohannis revoked Ms. Kovesi after 30 days. I don’t think that he did it just for the sake of respecting the Constitution, but rather due to pressures generated by personal calculations, probably, but talks about suspending were not generated by this breach of the Constitution, but rather by a complex of constitutional deviations of the president. One example alone – the fact that he made a habit in blocking nearly all laws from Parliament and almost every initiative of the Government if he is a part of the process. Discussions of suspending will continue in the party and we will discuss it in the coalition as well”, PSD chairman declared.

According to him, the suspension of the head of state is a very serious discussion.

Referring to president Iohannis’ decision of revoking the chief prosecutor of the DNA, the PSD chairman said that “had it been an honest endeavor, “the head of state would not have held it for 30 days on the public agenda”.

“It is a very serious discussion, one that we must have calmly, in a very serious manner, this not a mockery, but, unfortunately, the president has shown for a long time that he does not respect the Constitution, that he no longer respects his attributions, he no longer has the strength to be a president above the parties, a president without partisan interests, a president that should be a mediator between the state’s powers and that leads to many jams – threats to the Prime Minister and many other gestures and actions of the president. I believe that the decision (in the case of Kovesi, ed. n) was taken because if he wanted to make that decision from the beginning, no one would have stopped him, kindergarten children would probably not have believed that you need 30 days to read to Court’s decision – you needn’t to read the whole motivation either. So, had it been an honest endeavor, he would have made it from the start, would not have kept this topic for 30 days on the public agenda. And I repeat, with him infringing on the Constitution, [he could’ve done it] the next moment, since the CCR decision was published in the Official Journal. So there was also urging to not respect the CCR’s [Constitutional Court] decisions. Going along with the elementary logic, there were probably personal pressures that occurred, personal calculations. I have no way of knowing. But, since he did not do what he was supposed to do, he could have criticized it, it means that something happened along the way”, Chamber of Deputies speaker detailed.


“I am not reserved in the option of having 300 MPs, on the contrary”


Chamber of Deputies speaker Liviu Dragnea said on Monday that he is not reserved in supporting a Parliament with 300 members, specifying that this is not a closed subject.

“I am not reserved concerning the choice of 300 MPs, on the contrary (…) It is not a closed subject (…) The idea of having a smaller number of MPs is an idea which I liked when it was discussed (…) We will speak about this”, Dragnea declared, in Parliament.

Senator Traian Basescu said on Monday that president Klaus Iohannis chose correctly when he applied the Constitutional Court of Romania’s (CCR) decision in the case of Laura Codruta Kovesi, specifying that it remains to be seen if the CCR decision, through which the referendum was validated to reduce the number of MPs to 300, will be respected.

“President Iohannis chose correctly, applying the CCR’s decision and revoking Laura Codruta Kovesi. It remains to be seen if those who imperatively asked president Iohannis to respect the CCR’s decision are also willing to apply the Court’s decision, through which the referendum that reduced the number of MPs to 300. Come on, boys, a little courage. 300″, wrote former president Traian Basescu, Monday, on Facebook, referring to the fact that in 2009 there was a referendum launched so that Parliament can become unicameral and have 300 MPs”.


“Tariceanu has not rejected idea of President’s suspension; PSD sees no other solution”


Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) chairman Calin Popescu – Tariceanu has not rejected the idea of suspending the head of state, said on Monday Social Democratic Party (PSD) chairman Liviu Dragnea.

He showed that the subject of president Iohannis’ suspension “remains an open one.”

“Of course that today’s decision (concerning the revocation of DNA’s chief-prosecutor, ed. n) is an important one. All MPs knew that we will discuss today about the schedule of procedures, about initiating the suspension. This decision has appeared, of course that we have delayed the discussion, but we haven’t closed it. I had a discussion during the weekend with mister Tariceanu and I told him, from the point of view of PSD we do not see any other solution, because the decision was delayed for a month, we cannot remain indifferent to such a brutal and obvious breach of the Constitution (…) I had a rather long discussion. And I said that talks within OSD are very advanced, and haven’t started now, the high pressures that come from within the territory from all our supporters and I told them that PSD is going towards this decision and I asked him to think about what his standpoint and he did not reject the idea, discussions being due as of today as to what the procedures are, the calendar, and to check the MPs schedule, because this extraordinary session is at an end. So mister Tariceanu has not rejected the idea of suspension,” Chamber of Deputies Speaker told a press conference in Parliament.

According to him, revoking the head of the National Anticcoruption Directorate (DNA) “is not victory for anyone.”

“No. It is not a victory for anyone, this revocation. It is just a small measure from a complex of measures which need to happen in the following period. It is not a victory for anyone the fact that we have been staying for years and coexisting with an occult, subterranean system, of an illegitimate power. What joy could it be? The joy will be when this country is settled. When will that be? Who will be alive by then? I have no way of knowing”, Liviu Dragnea said, asked if revoking the head of the DNA was a victory for PSD.

The PSD leader hopes the fight against corruption continue “in an efficient way and to primarily take into consideration the observance of the law and the procedures”.

“Well, if the revocation had not taken place (…) what would we have done? Would the chapter have ended? No, we need a deep reform, we need a complete change of approach from those that instrument. If the same habits remain, that of testimonies obtained through pressure, through threats … And now this – everyday people are called in, pressed to say what those that are questioning want them to say, “Dragnea mentioned.

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