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September 27, 2022

Original form of protest against the amendment to the Criminal Codes. Tens of people protest on crosswalk outside Parliament Palace

Several tens of people – mothers with children in their trolleys and their spouses – have protested on Wednesday outside the Parliament Palace, on the crosswalk leading to the Izvor Park, against the amendment to the Criminal Codes and “criminal embattled persons holding public offices.”

The protesters have repeatedly crossed the crosswalk in the area. The people mobilised on Facebook.

“We came here with the little one in order to draw the attention of others. Many are saying that we are blocking the drivers, but it’s not about blocking the drivers, it is simply to draw the attention over the fact that we don’t agree with what is happening and we cannot submit ourselves to some criminally embattled persons, we don’t want criminal embattled persons holding public offices and want to instill to our children some values. Honest, professionals people, experienced in what they do should be in charge and not appointed through connections,” Andreea Dumitru, one of the protest initiators, told AGERPRES mentioning that the protest will last around one hour.

Among the protesters there was also a father with his baby. “I came with the baby. My wife couldn’t make it, she is taking the tenure examination. I told myself that I should come and express my disagreement over everything that is happening in Parliament, especially regarding the Justice Laws, which I consider harmful to a democracy, harmful to the normal development of our country, harmful especially for our children,” Cristian stated.

The protest caused quite a commotion among the drivers that were forced to wait for the traffic policemen’s signal in order to pass by the area.

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