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January 27, 2023

President Iohannis, at NATO Summit: Attention we want to grant Black Sea, important for us. “NATO should advance with ‘open doors’ policy, Romania fully supports Macedonia’s invitation into the Alliance”

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday in Brussels that the attention granted to the Black Sea area is very important for Romania, specifying that our country might gain an enhanced NATO presence in this region.

He underscored that for Romania the main objective is to consolidate NATO’s defensive posture.

“For us it means very concrete things. We provided a very important command centre to improve the coordination of NATO’s activity in our area (…) and for us, the attention we want to grant the Black Sea area is obviously very important. (…) We believe we will gain not only an increased attention for the Black Sea, but also an enhanced NATO presence in the Black Sea region, and the multinational brigade will be much more important, because it will become a brigade with a permanent presence, a brigade that will consequently constitute an important pole for the security in our area, in the entire region,” Iohannis told the NATO Summit in Brussels which  is taking place Wednesday through Thursday in Brussels.

The head of state reiterated the need to equitably share tasks within NATO.

“It is necessary. We cannot accept that some contribute and others reap the benefits and I can tell you that Romania ever since a few years ago when we took over the mandate has had the position I have reaffirmed each time. Romania hasn’t been in a long time a mere security receiver, Romania has understood that in NATO one benefits from NATO protection, but we want to be a supplier of security for the entire region. Any security supplier certainly means having the armed forces in good shape, very well trained and very well endowed,” Iohannis said.

He reminded that ever since last year Romania started to allocate 2 percent of the GDP to the Army.

“We take these things very seriously, the endowment and the provision of security, that is why we are present with so many people in Afghanistan, we are present in Irak, we are present in Kosovo and so on and so forth. We understand first off our role as security providers too,” Iohannis added.

On Wednesday, the head of state will be visiting alongside the other heads of state and government the photography exhibition and objects about the history of the Alliance, will participate in the opening ceremony of the Summit, the “welcome” ceremony organised by Belgium.

On Thursday, the meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of heads of state and government will take place, with Georgia and Ukraine, and the meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of heads of state and government with Resolute Support operational partners and potential operational partners.

According to the agenda, at the end of the Summit President Iohannis will hold a press conference.


“NATO should advance with ‘open doors’ policy, Romania fully supports Macedonia’s invitation into the Alliance”


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday that the North-Atlantic Alliance should advance with regard to the “open doors” policy, showing that Romania upholds the decision to invite Macedonia in NATO.

“We should advance with ‘the open doors’ policy. Romania fully supports the decision to send out an accession invitation to Northern Macedonia,” the head of state told the meeting of North Atlantic Council at the Level of Heads of State and Government taking place in Brussels.

He underscored that NATO member states should provide a stronger defence and deterrence, specifying that the efficacy and coherence of an advanced presence are still in progress.

“We must have the right forces, with the right training and intervention capacity, with the right command structure and the appropriate capacities to efficiently operate as a true deterrence factor. We need a unified approach and planning for the defence of the entire eastern Flank. We must fully implement the correct posture in the region along all directions – land, water and air,” the head of state said.

He pointed out that Romania has volunteered to host a command and control multinational capacity to support NATO’s advanced presence.

Klaus Iohannis also highlighted that swift decisions need to be made and military training needs to be enhanced, context in which he thanked the US President, Donald Trump, for the “Readiness Initiative”.

“We should enhance NATO’s role in combating terrorism,” Iohannis added.

The President reiterated that assigning tasks is essential in NATO’s deterrence efforts. The head of state reminded that ever since 2017 Romania has allocated 2 percent of its GDP to Defence.

“Over 33 percent of expenses were allocated to the procurement of major equipment, and this year it will be 35 percent. We are firmly committed to continue,” Klaus Iohannis concluded.

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