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June 29, 2022

Regulations Cttee modifies House Regulations, at Nicolicea’s proposal: House lawmakers can be suspended from Parliament’s proceedings for up to 30 days if they perturb the activities; banners and placards, banned in the plenary hall

The House Regulations Committee issued on Tuesday a favourable report on Eugen Nicolicea’s proposed modification of the House Regulations, which stipulates that if House lawmakers disregard the regulations and perturb the activities they can be suspended from the proceedings for 2 to 30 workdays. Likewise, displaying banners and placards within Parliament’s plenary hall is banned, Nicolicea stating that the stipulations are taken from the European Parliament’s regulations.

According to Eugen Nicolicea, the provisions are taken from the European Parliament’s Regulations, and the proposal will be put up for vote during the autumn session.

Thus, in contrast to the initial form, Nicolicea announced that also introduced was a provision that does not allow House lawmakers to display banners or placards in the plenary hall.

“Perturbing the parliamentary activity, voicing insults or other calumnies from the rostrum of the House or from the plenary hall, of the committees or of the other working bodies of the Parliament is banned,” reads the proposed modification to the regulations.

Likewise, the chairman of the meeting can call to order the House lawmakers who disrupt the debates or create disorder. If, once called to order, the lawmakers continue to breach the regulations or hinder in any way the normal course of the proceedings, the chairman of the meeting suspends their right to speak and, if they persist, orders them out of the hall. The same article stipulates that the removal of the lawmakers in the aforementioned situations is handled by the general secretariat which calls security.

According to another stipulation, the chairman can suspend the meeting if House lawmakers perturb it.

Moreover, the list of disciplinary offences is extended through the introduction of new items: “perturbing parliamentary activity by not observing the norms of parliamentary conduct, courtesy and discipline” and “the blocking of parliamentary activity.”

Also included among the sanctions for failure to observe the Regulations is: “without harming the right to vote in the plenary meeting, and under the reserve of the strict observance of the rules of conduct, the temporary suspension of the House lawmaker’s participation in some or all the activities of Parliament for a period of time ranging from two to thirty workdays.”

The measures were taken after several Resist protesters staged a protest on the hallways of the joint plenum of Parliament, at the invitation of USR’s Senate group, and shouted ‘Justice, not corruption!’, ‘Nest of thieves and mafiosos,’ ‘Dragnea, don’t forget, this country is not yours’ during a speech given by Premier Viorica Dancila. They also sat down to avoid being evacuated by security guards.


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