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January 24, 2022

Sorin Dan Mihalache, Romania’s Ambassador to London: Romania and the UK are bound by a solid and comprehensive Strategic Partnership, based on shared values and interests in a variety of areas

Two institutions are representative for building a stronger relation between Romania and the UK in areas of economic development and cultural exchanges: The British Council and the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

Born in 1934 as an instrument of soft power aiming to create in a foreign country a basis of friendly knowledge and understanding, the British Council worked as a tool which, at that time, was opposing extreme ideologies in some European countries.

For 80 years, the British Council in Romania was a bridge that connected people in both countries through developing cultural relations while promoting wider knowledge of the UK and the English language, facilitating projects exchanges and building cooperation in education and science.

Over the last years, the British Council has developed educational and cultural projects to support children and teachers to enhance their language and teaching skills. Many Romanians and English people too had benefited from learning opportunities and intercultural experiences.

British Council Romania further helps create a global network of artists and writers. These links promote the English language and British culture while also developing the youth’s creativity and entrepreneurial skills. Having access to such a varied community for the past 80 years has greatly enriched the Romanian culture and it will surely continue to support the youth with the needed support to make a change. British Council worldwide plays an essential role to build understanding between people and to promote shared values.

During the past 20 years, BRCC greatly contributed to the development of the economic relations between Romania and Great Britain, by providing the resources, information and infrastructure support necessary for the British companies to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by Romania, while also facilitating the access of the Romanian companies on the UK’s market. The campaign Choose UK!, that took place between November 2016 and March 2017, is one of the examples of BRCC’s recent efforts to identify and successfully fulfil requests for import products and services from Romanian companies.

Year after year, we have witnessed a constant increase in investments and trade in goods and services between Romania and The United Kingdom – in 2017, the volume of trade in goods increased by more than 5% compared to the previous year, reaching a new all-time high and the number of British companies registered on the Romanian market exceeded 5500. One of the contributors to this journey full of success and continuous growth of our economic cooperation was BRCC. By building an influential network of individual and corporate members, BRCC facilitated an open business to business dialogue between the two countries, promoted transparent solutions and priorities for making Romania a better home for British businesses and vice-versa, encouraged investments and explored new innovative mechanisms to stimulate trade. These efforts led to constant progress in our cooperation and brought the economic bilateral relations to the highest levels they enjoy today.

Romania and the UK are bound by a solid and comprehensive Strategic Partnership, based on shared values and interests in a variety of areas. However, the new context generated by UK exiting the European Union will bring both challenges and opportunities in our relations. Therefore, the British Council and BRCC will continue to play a significant role in redesigning our partnership and in ensuring that our bilateral relations will endure their ascending trend in the years to come.


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