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September 28, 2022

USR invites Kovesi to enter politics, Barna mentions possibility for the party to back Laura Codruta Kovesi in the presidential election due in 2019

The doors of the Save Romania Union (USR) are open to former Chief Prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi, should she consider entering politics, the formation’s Chairman Dan Barna announced on Tuesday. He did not shut out the possibility for USR to back Laura Codruta Kovesi in the presidential election due in 2019.

Barna said he exchanged messages with Kovesi and that they might sit down for talks in the coming period.

“We exchanged messages, as we let her know that she further enjoys our trust and support. We also told her that the doors of USR are open for her, should she consider entering politics, and we sent her this message because Laura Codruta Kovesi is a symbol for the fight against corruption. USR is literally engaged with all its resources in this fight for the support of the rule of law and, insofar as Mrs. Kovesi will want to enter politics, we consider she could be a highly valuable member of our party and could broaden our base to that decent Romania and put an end [to this situation] where a convict who steals the children’s money to pay party staff is at the helm of the state. I received a thank-you message expressing appreciation for our support and stating that she will take a break for some time, as she hasn’t been on leave for five years, and that after this we might sit down for talks. I told her that we respect the announcement and decision to further serve as a prosecutor in the coming period and any decision on a potential political involvement and the subsequent steps is exclusively for Mrs. Kovesi to take,” Dan Barna detailed in a statement in Parliament.

He added that at this early stage the offer is just an invitation and that it’s too soon to talk about it being turned down, “because the offer was to tell Kovesi that USR’s doors are open for her and to invite her to join our party. Beyond this, it’s obviously the future that will decide. We need solidarity and unity of the forces to render a European and democratic state. The time is not yet ripe to discuss positions, given that for now Mrs. Kovesi has announced that she remains a prosecutor.”

Asked whether USR could support Laura Codruta Kovesi for the presidential election, Barna did not rule out this possibility.

“The USR is a democratic party, and any member who wants to run for a position is free to do so. If she gets the party’s support, Mrs. Kovesi, like others as well, can be our party’s candidate. She could be an option for Romania, because Mrs. Kovesi has proved throughout this period that it is possible for someone to really fight for justice and, yes, the acquittals show exactly this – that justice works and that this is not Dragnea’s manorial state where the institutions would be his personal law office,” the USR leader said.

He mentioned that USR will have its own candidate in the presidential race and stressed that they are also working very well with Romania 100, the political platform led by former Premier Dacian Ciolos.

“We are not yet at the moment when we should decide on this – whom USR will support between Ciolos and Kovesi. We already announced that USR will field a candidate of its own, we will see in the next period who this will be, we are working very well with our colleagues from Romania 100 led by Dacian Ciolos and we are actively and committedly working to create a substantial and valuable alternative for Romania to function. It’s not the presidential election at stake for Romania now, the goal now is ‘No convicts in public office’. (…) We sent a message, Mrs. Kovesi has received it, everything is clear at this moment,” said the USR deputy.

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