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August 12, 2022

MediWeb – the first patient information management system, implemented at the Emergency Hospital for Children “Grigore Alexandrescu”, with the support of Telekom Romania Foundation

Emergency Hospital for Children “Grigore Alexandrescu” in Bucharest launched today the patient information management system, MediWeb, implemented with the support of Telekom Romania Foundation. “Grigore Alexandrescu” is thus the first public hospital that implements patient management system and reduces the patient waiting time, integrating technology in the hospital-patients relationship.

Within the project, Telekom Romania Foundation provided the necessary equipment for the development of the information management system. The system integrates equipment such as: TV monitors, tablets, routers and latest generation of printers.

In addition, Telekom Foundation modernized the hospital waiting area with special furniture for children and baskets for selective waste collection.

The record number of patients who have accessed over the past years medical services at the hospital’s Orthopedic and Pediatric Surgery ambulatory, over 200 daily persons, made patient experience unpleasant, with high waiting time, over 2-3 hours, harming the quality of the medical services offered. Thus, MediWeb ensures better internal organization and integrated management of the circuit-specific information that patients have to follow in the medical unit. Every patient presenting in the ambulatory receives an order number assigned by the system that he will use throughout the circuit and that will allow him to keep his order in accessing medical services.

“Nowadays, technology allows hospitals to benefit from effective solutions to provide quality medical services to patients. We are glad to be part of this initiative and we wish our approach not to remain singular. We are sure that these functionalities, available for the first time in a public hospital in Romania, will increase the quality of the medical act by reducing the waiting time, offering quick access to the patient’s history and facilitating internal communication. The benefits are multiple for both patients and hospital”, declared Ionela Paunica, Executive Director, Telekom Romania Foundation and Senior PR Coordinator, Telekom Romania.

Besides the usefulness in the hospital-patients relationship, the information system allows a clear account of the number of people who have benefited from medical services and the type of illness treated, which represents the premises for further medical statistics and research. In the same time, work processes are improved by centralizing information, developing an electronic register of patients, and printing the patient’s recipe in the final phase of the circuit.

“The results obtained during the testing period of the information system indicate both an improvement of the patient’s experience in the specialized Orthopedic and Pediatric Surgery ambulatory, as well as an improvement of the doctors’ experience. Patient waiting time decreased with approximately 40%, while the consultation time increased by 75%, in favor of the patient. All the information written by doctors are now digitized and forms the patient’s electronic file. This process makes the transition from using a classic medical registry to a secured database. At the same time, the collected information represent the base for statistics and future medical research.

The MediWeb hospital information system was developed with the support of our colleague, Dr. Alexandru Herdea, a resident doctor who can be considered the model for the involvement of the young generation in improving the medical system. This information system, which constantly adapts to the technological progress, increases the time and the quality of the medical act”, declared Dr. Alexandru Ulici, Manager of the Emergency Hospital for Children “Grigore Alexandrescu”



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