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October 2, 2022

PM Dancila after visit to European Commission: There is dissatisfaction regarding situation in Romania. President Juncker has asked me for us to get along, he said there is no room for political fighting if we want the Romanian presidency of the EU Council to be a success

At the end of her working visit to Brussels, Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Tuesday evening that European leaders have expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation in Romania, because there is no understanding and consensus at national level.

In an interview for Antena3, the Head of Government said that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker asked her to collaborate better with political factors in our country and to avoid political fighting, because political fighting should not exist if Romania wants a successful presidency of the Council of the EU.

“I was asked about the situation in Romania. There was dissatisfaction with the fact that there is no consensus, that there is permanent political fighting and this political fighting has no place during the presidency of the EU Council, even less so before it, when all things are being prepared to take over the presidency. President Juncker asked all those involved to get along, something that he will also ask President Iohannis. He said there is no room for fighting if we want to have a successful Romanian presidency,” Premier Viorica Dancila said in an interview for Antena3.

Apart from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, during her working visit to Brussels Premier Dancila also met the European commissioners for budget, agriculture and regional policy.


“I explained to European officials that these judicial laws are in fact domestic laws that do not affect the rule of law; they didn’t seem concerned”


The Romanian Head of Government talked with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and with other European officials about the judicial laws, pointing out that she explained to them that these are domestic laws and they do not affect the rule of law.

“President Timmermans tackled this topic; I assured him that Romania is not affected, that the modifications were carried out following parliamentary debates, the talks lasted one year, associations and those with the capacity to come up with proposals were consulted, and that the CCR [Constitutional Court] will have the last say. I reiterated that these modifications were necessary, considering the need to transpose European directives in the Romanian legislation. We talked about abuse of office and I reiterated that only seven states have abuse of office, most member states do not know what abuse of office means,” Premier Viorica Dancila stated in an interview for Antena3.

She expressed her willingness to answer the foreign diplomats’ questions on this topic, adding that, in case the Constitutional Court decides there are unconstitutional aspects in the judicial laws and the Criminal Codes, the Government will respect the decision.

“I said we are open, if there are pinpoint observations, to answering these observations of the Commission, that we show full openness to answering all obscure points, and that if the CCR notes that certain aspects are unconstitutional we will respect this. They didn’t seem concerned, to me they seemed more concerned about the fact that there is no tranquillity in Romania and they would like us to have a consensus and to work jointly on national projects. I explained to them that these judicial laws are in fact domestic laws that do not affect the rule of law and they wouldn’t like the CVM to have these aspects in view,” Dancila said.

In what concerns the dismissal from office of DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, Viorica Dancila stated: “This aspect wasn’t discussed. There wasn’t even a reference.”


“We discussed in Brussels about the protocols between prosecutors and the secret services. Timmermans said this is a grave thing, and Juncker deemed it an infringement upon democracy”


Premier Viorica Dancila stated that she discussed with European officials about the protocols of collaboration between judicial system institutions and the secret services, pointing out that EC Vice President Frans Timmermans said that this is grave, while Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker allegedly said that the signing of these protocols is not only grave but it also infringes upon the principles of democracy.

“We talked about the protocols too. Vice President Timmermans himself said that there were protocols between the secret services and the prosecutors, which is an extremely grave thing, and Mr Juncker said that this is not only grave but it’s an infringement upon democracy. There were talks about this thing too, and about the 6 million phones tapped too, which is hard to believe but unfortunately real in Romania. I said I want us to start from T0, a moment in which those protocols would no longer exist, people would trust the judiciary, each citizen would know he/she would find his/her justice before a judge. There were talks about the numerous dossiers that were eventually acquitted, about people that actually suffered without having any fault,” Viorica Dancila told Antena3.

According to Dancila, Juncker said that maybe many Governments had problems precisely because the secret services got involved.

The Premier said that European officials are very well informed about the situation in Romania.

She added that the judiciary must do its job, however the fundamental rights of citizens must be observed, something that has not taken place lately.

“I believe that, indeed, the judiciary must do its duty, this is necessary, but the fundamental rights must be observed, and I believe this hasn’t been observed much lately in Romania,” the Premier added.


“I reiterated in Brussels that it is unexplainable how high treason is associated with a diplomatic act. European officials were very surprised by this accusation”


Premier Viorica Dancila says that she discussed in Brussels, with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and with the other European officials, about the criminal complaint that PNL leader Ludovic Orban lodged against her for high treason, pointing out that the said officials were very surprised by this accusation.

“I reiterated the fact that for me and many Romanians it is unexplainable how high treason is associated with a diplomatic act, with a state with which we have a strategic partnership. They were very surprised by this. I informed them, because I don’t want distorted information reaching Brussels. I said I’m not afraid of the investigations that will be carried out, of the things that will be requested in order to elucidate this topic. I want this topic elucidated but at the same time I believe this did not do good to Romania and I have this conviction, this conviction of mine was solidified also following the talks I’ve had,” Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Tuesday evening in an interview for Antena3.

On May 17, Ludovic Orban lodged with the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (PICCJ) a complaint against Premier Viorica Dancila and PSD leader Liviu Dragnea.

The PNL leader accuses Dancila of “high treason, usurpation of office, the divulging of non-public information, and presenting – in bad faith – to the Romanian President inaccurate information meant to hide the perpetration of acts liable to harm the interests of the state,” over the relocation of the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Ludovic Orban accuses Viorica Dancila of publicly revealing confidential information and of presenting to the Romanian President false information concerning the memorandum that the Government adopted on the relocation of the Romanian embassy to Israel.

The case was declined toward DIICOT and on June 7 the institution announced that it started a criminal probe in rem for high treason, following the complaint that PNL leader Ludovic Orban filed against Premier Viorica Dancila.

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