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October 6, 2022

PM Dancila: Government to take new measures to support flood-affected communities

The Government will continue to adopt also in its Thursday’s sitting measures to support the people in the flood-affected areas, on the list of priorities being the rehabilitation of county roads and bridges for connecting localities, as well as providing the diesel fuel required by the local authorities, said PM Viorica Dancila.

“We will continue, in today’s sitting, to take measures to support the people and the communities affected by floods. We want to help them get over this difficult time as quickly as possible. We will take measures on several levels. One – we will allocate additional funds to the local communities hit by floods, we want to support local county authorities in rehabilitating the flood-affected road infrastructure. We will pay particular attention in the first phase to county roads and bridges in order to establish the connection between localities. Subsequently, we will focus on the infrastructure inside the localities,” the prime minister said at the opening of the Government sitting.

Dancila added that the Executive tried to prioritize the public infrastructure affected by the floods.

“The national infrastructure affected – as far as I know, we have nine national roads and two bridges – will be rehabilitated by the National Road Infrastructure Company and the affected railways will be in the attention of CFR [Romanian National Railway Company, e.n.]. Today we will adopt a normative act on the county infrastructure and we will allocate funds from the Government Reserve Fund for this purpose. The Internal Affairs Ministry continues to be in touch with the affected communities and provides all the necessary support, after last week we decided to take out from the state reserves emergency supplies: food, water, modular dwellings. These reached the people,” said Viorica Dancila.

The head of the Executive added that also on Thursday they will take the measure to complete the diesel demand required by the local authorities to remove the effects of the floods.

“We will also provide the necessary financing for the completion of the Cracau river management works in Slobozia, Neamt County, and we have asked the Minister of waters and forestry to see where we have risk situations, what is the situation of the Romanian dams in order to intervene beforehand, in order to work in a preventive way and not to fix the consequences of such things,” Premier Dancila added.


“Situation concerning swine fever is under control, we will take new measures to support farmers”


She  also declared on Thursday that the situation concerning swine fever, which is also affecting our country as well, is under control, and the Government will approve measures to financially support farmers for their animal neutralizing activity.

“With regard to swine fever, we are further monitoring this situation. As you well know, we have taken a series of measures for controlling and limiting the spreading of the virus, teams are out in the field, the situation is under control, people have no reasons to worry. Today we have on the agenda support measures for farmers. Firstly, we are completing the legislation in line with the European regulations concerning the financial aid granted to farmers for their activity of neutralizing animals, which are not meant for human consumption,” Viorica Dancila declared, in the opening of the Cabinet meeting.

The Prime Minister added that also in the Cabinet meeting “the requirements for granting the aid scheme to pig farmers of Bazna and Mangalita breeds” will be improved.

“We are paying enhanced attention in this field too,” the Prime Minister added.

Viorica Dancila reminded in the context that in the recent visit she paid in Brussels she discussed with the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan, on the topic of damages recorded in agriculture as a result of flooding in our country, and in the upcoming period the European official is due to have a discussion with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Petre Daea.

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