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August 17, 2022

Reactions to Kovesi potentially entering politics. Alistar on talks between Kovesi and a political party: If true, they break the obligation to impartiality

Victor Alistar, civil society’s representative within the Supreme Magistracy Council (CSM), stated that if the talks between the USR President and Laura Codruta Kovesi entailed consensus on the former DNA Chief Prosecutor’s “political outlook” then they broke the statute of magistrates.

Alistar commented on the statement that Save Romania Union (USR) President Dan Barna made on Tuesday. Barna said that he asked former DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi to join his party, adding that at present it is premature to say whether, provided she honours his invitation, she will also be nominated as the party’s presidential candidate. Barna avoided saying whether he will ask Laura Codruta Kovesi to be USR’s candidate in the presidential elections of 2019.

“To the extent the discussion was mutual, not just an USR proposition, it means the provisions of Law no.303/2004 on the stature of judges and prosecutors must be analysed. But, I repeat, to the extent there was a discussion that entailed the opinions and interaction of both sides. Only to this extent. Because the fact that someone presents a magistrate with a proposition does not make that magistrate culpable. If, however, a political party and the magistrate have talks on the political outlook, then the magistrates’ obligation to reservation, impartiality and political neutrality is being infringed. So only in this sense and, at any rate, I can’t say what will happen, because it must be analysed, and it is being analysed by the CSM’s specific section,” Victor Alistar stated for MEDIAFAX.

The member of the CSM also emphasised that a sanction, if called for, could only be established by the Section for Prosecutors.

“The simple proposition is not culpable for anyone. But, if there was a discussion, what are the sanctions according to the procedure? They are established by the CSM’s section. In the prosecutor’s case by the [Section for] prosecutors, nobody else can establish them. They are stipulated by Law 303 and only after the case is thoroughly analysed, not otherwise. Namely, what would they be? I can’t talk beforehand because only the Section for Prosecutors decides and it can only decide within the limits of Law 303. (…) We are talking about the statute of magistrates, which does not allow them to enter talks of a political nature. It hasn’t been confirmed so far that there actually was a discussion between the parties, but only that a proposition was made,” Victor Alistar added.


Ciolos after USR invites Kovesi to become party member: A right-wing project must have objectives, not persons


Ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos stated for MEDIAFAX, referring to USR’s invitation for Laura Codruta Kovesi to join the party, that “magistrates do not engage in politics” and that a project for Romania must be based on joint objectives not on “this or that person.”

“I won’t comment on speculations and suppositions. In my view, the moment the former DNA Chief Prosecutor said she remains a prosecutor the topic was closed, because the statute of magistrates is clear and unequivocal. Magistrates do not engage in politics. A project for Romania must be based on joint objectives that are more important than this or that person. That’s how I see things. Unifying the Right, the democratic forces, is primarily done around values and a programme for Romania. The candidates, whoever they may be, should be the result of this approach and they must be selected based on criteria of integrity, honesty and proven professionalism. Only this way can we reform the political class,” ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos, the current leader of the Romania Together Movement Party, stated for MEDIAFAX on Wednesday.

He added that the relationship with the USR will not only continue but will also grow solid.

“Our collaboration with the USR is based on common values and joint objectives of construction that concern Romania’s future. On these bases the relationship will continue and will consolidate,” Ciolos added for MEDIAFAX.

‘Romania Together Movement’ Party President Dacian Ciolos has been collaborating on various political projects with the Save Romania Union ever since the ex-Premier launched the ‘Romania 100’ civic platform.


PSD’s Codrin Stefanescu: Kovesi won’t run for any presidency, she won’t get to do it. USR, which is courting the ex-DNA head, will suffer


PSD Deputy Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu stated on Tuesday, referring to the hypothesis that Laura Codruta Kovesi could run for president, that she will not get to take this step since “horrible things” regarding the former Chief Prosecutor of the DNA will surface.

“Kovesi won’t run for any kind of presidency, because she won’t get to do it. Soon, people will start talking and we’ll find out absolutely horrible things. And the USR, which has written love letters saying ‘come to us so that we’d enter Parliament too’ will stand to suffer. They are collapsing. Iohannis must fear Ciolos, and next year we will find the solution to win the presidency too. You’ll see,” PSD Deputy Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu stated on Tuesday evening on RomaniaTV.

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