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September 27, 2022

Dragnea- Iohannis war: Crossfire of statements. PSD leader : Iohannis signed the decree out of fear of impeachment, he wants a second term for immunity. Klaus Iohannis thinks that Liviu Dragnea has an “obsession” about his suspension 

Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday that President Klaus Iohannis did not plan to sign the decree dismissing from office the head of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) but he feared an impeachment, and he wants a second term in office to maintain his immunity.

“I believe that [the idea of suspension] was the main reason he signed the dismissal decree because, from what I understood during the time he stood idle – 32 days –, he did not plan to sign the decree. He had not reserves holding the Constitution in disdain, but only the fear of impeachment, because he has but one objective – a second term to gain protection, immunity, not to be held accountable for actions he should be held accountable for. There hasn’t been a lot of talk, the press with epaulettes is not debating this topic: the dossier in which it is claimed that he obtained a house through a forgery proven in court and several hundreds of thousands of euro that he must pay back to the Romanian state, because he should have immunity and from the top of the Cotroceni Hill he should give lectures on morality,” Liviu Dragnea stated for Antena3.

President Klaus Iohannis signed on Monday the decree dismissing from office DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi.

In what concerns the impeachment, Dragnea claims it is a plan that still stands.

“At this hour I don’t know what should happen for this process to occur next autumn. We are talking about parliamentarians. Not necessarily next autumn. Things could happen. I talked with my colleagues on Monday. I told them they can go on parliamentary vacation, but they should have their phones with them because we might meet,” Liviu Dragnea added for Antena3.

“None of what he has said and done so far gives me hope that something can intervene. I don’t want to force anyone, it’s a discussion,” the PSD leader added.


“The President is directly involved in my conviction”


Liviu Dragnea accuses President Klaus Iohannis of being directly involved in his conviction, claiming that a secret service officer told him that “we’ve taken care of one judge, we keep working.”

“Very many words he heard as rumours initially, but piecing things together, information, statements, I can no longer believe they are rumours. The motion. I’m telling you what Raluca Turcan and Ludovic Orban were talking, and talking with people from the PSD, and with people from other parties. Raluca Turcan promised President Iohannis that if he arranges my conviction she guarantees that she will topple the Government the following day. I was convicted, the Government hasn’t fallen. Fine, they are yet to understand, and they will never understand, what this party means, what the PSD means. (…) I’m not stupid. It’s clear that Iohannis’s main stake is for me to no longer exist,” Liviu Dragnea stated for Antena3.

Asked whether he believes the President is behind his conviction, Dragnea said: “Yes, it’s my opinion. It’s the second conviction without evidence and completely innocent. I was getting warnings, be careful with the offshore law, with minting, because you are a nuisance and it will influence the judges’ decision, because there is pressure on judges. An officer told me ‘we’ve taken care of one judge, we keep working.’ I won’t reveal his name, he’s a military man, if he cares about honour and doesn’t want to have a heavy conscience he should talk, because tomorrow it could happen to him. Officer from the secret services,” the PSD leader added.

He added that one judge withstood the pressure but the other two did not.

“During this period, the more people with courage there are the bigger the chance this country will have. If not, we rejoice, but things will become once again worse than they have been until now. If the dragon is not completely exterminated and if the system is not reconfigured, things cannot be solved. The total option remains: a new system, a clean system, a country that would function based on democratic rules, this is the type of society we have committed ourselves to,” Liviu Dragnea told Antena3.


PSD leader: Those who will walk with me are courageous people, the rest cowardly and fearful


The PSD leader added on Wednesday evening that those who will stay by his side are courageous people, while the rest “will be cowards, fearful.” He thanked the PSD MPs for “the power and courage” shown in recent months.

“I have no hesitation. I go forward without hesitation. Those who will want to walk with me will be courageous people. Those who won’t, it means they will be cowards, fearful. This isn’t about me. I’m an important target which, once removed, can trigger the domino effect. I thank all [parliamentarians], publicly, for the power and courage they have proven these months. They’ve withstood threats, insults, scuffles, threats. Both the House and Senate lawmakers of the PSD. I publicly express my respect for all they have done, because together we managed to adopt what seemed impossible – the amending of the judicial laws and of the Codes. It seemed impossible,” Liviu Dragnea told Antena3.

He also referred to the support he must get from the Government but also from the ALDE partners.

“If the Government, the Premier, the members of the Cabinet, the coalition partners have this courage, we should do everything we took the commitment of doing. It’s for the first time we have real chances to implement a full governance programme, not pieces of it, to no longer leave any room for blackmail,” the PSD leader added.


SocDem leader reveals what he talked with Vlase: If he does so, his mandate will be successful, if he will not, it will not be


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea revealed the discussion he had with the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) Director, Gabriel Vlase, before the latter received the vote in Parliament, and said that he asked him to use the institution for the Romanians’ interest, not for the interest of a single person, such as President Klaus Iohannis.

“I have permanently said in public that we will only accept a proposal from PSD. It’s normal, since the head of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI)   comes from PNL, he is an important former NL member, appointed by Iohannis as the SRI Director. For balance purposes, somebody had to come from PSD. I indicated Vlase’s name in several places, being sure that this name will also reach President Iohannis. I didn’t talk with Iohannis. The last talk with him was when I was there with Mrs. Dancila, when she was appointed. I had a good relationship with Vlase in the 2016 campaign, Gabi Vlase was with me permanently, all over the country. I supported this proposal because he is well trained in this field. This is what I told to Vlase before asking the party to vote for him as the SIE Director: To have the same good faith he had until then, and to try to make this institution, where there are working people of a rare quality, unknown people who risk their lives every day, to make this institution, through all its extensions, work for Romania’s interest, not for a single person, not for Iohannis, not for me. The last to guys who were at Cotroceni expected SIE to work for them, for their image, they didn’t have the ability to give an impetus to the institution to work for the country, even they could bother small interests. I hope he will be able to do so, he has the required capacity; if he has the desire of a Romanian and those institution will use those people, his mandate will be successful, if he will not, it will not be” Liviu Dragnea stated for Antena 3.

Gabriel Vlase was nominated by Klaus Iohannis as the SIE Director and he received the Parliament’s vote, being supported by the parliamentary majority.


About a possible GEO on the criminal codes: “I will not demand anything to the Prime Minister”


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday that he will not demand anything to the Government related to a possible emergency ordinance amending the criminal codes, but mentioned that he expects everyone from the party, regardless of their position, will do so that PSD will keep its promises.

“I will not demand anything to the Prime Minister. Everyone has responsibilities and decisions to make in his or her position. What depends on the Parliament and the political decision is solved. The political decision was assumed, with a publicly assumed calendar, and the Parliament has adopted the law. As for the party, we’ll see how things are going from now on. Challenges, they want to delay the entry into force, hoping for restauration, because there are abuses even now, there are pressures and threats with denouncements even now. We’ll discuss as soon as possible what the Coalition partners will do, we’ll meet tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I won’t go anywhere. I expect all my colleagues, regardless of their position, will do whatever has to be done in order to accomplish the assumed goals that were presented in 2016” Liviu Dragnea stated for Antena 3.

The Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code have been adopted by the Parliament, but they were challenged to CCR. The Constitutional Court of Romania established that the debate of the constitutional challenge submitted by President Klaus Iohannis on the draft law amending the Criminal Procedure Code will take place on September 25.


PSD Chairman attacks Orban: This cartoon character who seeks happiness only in the eyes of his masters


The Social Democrat leader attacked on Wednesday the Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, saying that he acts on command, and accused PNL and USR of being part of the same well-coordinated system.

“I’m not stupid. It’s obvious that Klaus Iohannis’ main stake is to make me not exist anymore. What the prosecutors do with the illegal financing of USR and PNL? The do nothing, because there is a political component of this system. Orban, this cartoon character, handled by wires, who seeks happiness only in the eyes of his masters. Do you know what Raluca Turcan was planning to do with the vote at the motion? She was going with Orban to discussions, to vote the motion, and then, the next day, she would drop the Government, we bring Orban, we drop him and we come with another option” Liviu Dragnea stated for Antena 3.

The PSD Chairman accused the opposition parties PNL and USR of being part of the same system.

“(e.n. – The high treason case) There were Klaus Iohannis’ nervousness, secret agreements with some Jewish guys, then the brutal threats on the PM, and then, suddenly appeared the criminal complaint of this Mickey Mouse. The complaint was already done. This unique laboratory, PNL and USR, have the same coordinates, everything that appears, everything is part of the same concept” the PSD leader added.


Turcan after Dragnea said she talked with the President about his conviction and the toppling of Gov’t: Made-up conspiracies for the consumption of his own party. He was the executioner of two PSD Governments


PNL First Vice President Raluca Turcan stated on Wednesday evening for News.ro that PSD leader Liviu Dragnea’s statement, according to which she allegedly told the President to arrange his conviction in the dossier concerning fictitious hiring, represents “hallucinations” and “conspiracies made up for the consumption of his own party.”

“These are hallucinations. He sees conspiracies everywhere. The made-up conspiracies are for the consumption of his own party. This is what he feeds to his supporters. Playing the victim can’t fool anyone outside the PSD. He was the executioner of two PSD Governments,” Raluca Turcan stated for News.ro.

Asked whether she ever talked with the President about Liviu Dragnea’s dossier, Turcan said: “Obviously not. It’s pure madness.”


Iohannis’ answer to Dragnea : His attitude is worrying. He took a hat that is too big. He doesn’t cope


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday, in press conference held at the NATO Summit in Brussels, that he didn’t contribute to Liviu Dragnea’s conviction, and said that the PSD Chairman took “a hat that is too big” and he doesn’t cope, so his political arguments are over and now he starts to attack the person and the family. The President thinks that the PSD leader has an “inappropriate approach”, which is worrying, since he is the chairman of the biggest party, he is the president of the Parliament and “rules the Government through interposed persons”.

“I am not involved (in Dragnea’s conviction – e.n.) and I never had dictatorial habits, and I’m not planning to have such habits. I didn’t listened to him, I believe you didn’t expect that, but I read certain news. It’s worrying. Meanwhile, it is more than obvious that the guy took a hat that is too big, he doesn’t cope. With this too big hat, Dragnea’s political arguments are over and he starts to attack the person, the family, he has an inappropriate approach, and if he would be a simple politician, I wouldn’t say anything more, I’d say only inappropriate, but it is very worrying, since this man rules the biggest party, he is the president of the Parliament and he rules the Government through interposed persons” Klaus Iohannis stated.


Klaus Iohannis thinks that Liviu Dragnea has an “obsession” about his suspension 


Iohannis labeled as an “obsession” the fact that the PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea continues to intend to suspend him. The head of state also said that he doesn’t delay the important draft laws, but he exerts his constitutional rights, because “under the leadership of this Dragnea, the law-making process is poor”.

Asked about his opinion on the fact that Liviu Dragena continues to intend to suspend him, Iohannis said: “I would answer with a single word for this: obsession”.

He also said that he doesn’t delay the adoption of some important draft laws, but he exerts his constitutional rights, and he challenges the laws to CCR because “under the leadership of this Dragnea, the law-making process is poor”.

“I don’t delay, I exert my constitutional prerogatives, and I have to do this, because under the leadership of this Dragnea, the law-making process is poor. It’s that simple, and I will continue to do what I have done until today. I’ll do exactly what is written in the Constitution. I am not an extra-constitutional President, on the contrary, I am the President that observes the Constitution, but this means that I will also use the constitutional instruments” the President explained.



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