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December 4, 2022

Kaufland invites Romanians to discover “The ABC for a complete life”

The latest inspirational campaign launched by Kaufland Romania, “The ABC for a complete life”, promotes and suggests a responsible, aware and more careful life style to Romanians, either we’re talking about ourselves, family, those around us or the environment. The initiative is a continuation of the aproch launched two years ago by the German retailer, through the campaign “Live Fresh”, namely “The New You Lives Fresh”.

The campaign turns the products in the stores in inspirational sources to make us adopt a complete life. Kaufland has created the ABC of a special language, associating a principle of the new life style to each letter of the alphabet.

 “Letter A reminds us to drink more water and run, for a better tonus. At the same time, for example, a tomato can represent the special moment when the mother and the daughter are playing while cooking in the kitchen. Or it is the taste of the bruschetta at the ad-hoc family picnic in the park, or the opportunity to learn to respect the nature. We have created the ABC for a complete life to support people make aware choices, and in the end, to turn together each day in a good week”, stated Alina Golopenta, Marketing Manager of Kaufland Romania.

The stars of the campaign, Andrei Rosu, Bromania, Andra Gogan and Serban Copot, shared, at the launching of the campaign, their own inspirational stories about how they managed to turn their life style into a more responsible and aware one. Ciprian Todoca, “a Mindfulness searcher”, as he describes himself, shared to those who were present some ideas on the psychical balance, highlighting the connection between stimuli, thoughts, decisions and actions.

Valer Hancas, Communication and Corporate Affairs Manager of Kaufland Romania, stated: “We want to inspire Romanians with ideas to apply this style in their day-to-day life, and understand that it’s easy to start today being responsible – with ourselves, with those around us, or with the environment. We have launched more and more programs in stores, to support them, for example, adopt an eco-behavior, such as the network of package recycling automatic machines, or the ‘Gradinescu’ urban garden network. Responsibility is a natural principle for Kaufland Romania, and we are glad to promote it also through a brand campaign”, according to a press release issued by the retailer.








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