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October 7, 2022

More than 300 summer cinemas in Czechia. So why not start having more in Romania?

The number of open-air cinemas in Czechia is constantly growing every year. For the cities it is a prestigious thing to offer a space which is an alternative to air-conditioned multiplexes in the malls. Almost every space can become a place for screenings: castles gardens, football arenas or old forgotten and now reconstructed cinemas. During this whole summer, the young team of the Czech Centre Bucharest, together with Eunic Romania and with the support of the City Hall of Eforie city and many volunteers have been working on reviving the abandoned cinema in Eforie Sud.

Mayors of Czech towns are realizing that it is becoming more and more important to diversify the offer of culture in the summer. People are not just going to the beach, but they ask for more, especially in the evening. In 2016 there were 160 summer cinemas in Czechia, last year already 250 and this year more than 300. What is especially nice is that people of all generations gather there to enjoy a movie under the starry sky.

In Česká Lípa, a medium-sized Czech town, they are screening Czechoslovak classic films in the ruins of the old castle from the 13th century. In Cvikov they reconstructed the old summer cinema. Now it is alive again and people can watch a film for a symbolic price. The added value for a town with only 4500 people is huge. And this is exactly what we are going to do in Eforie Sud.

Cinemascop Eforie Sud has been abandoned for almost 15 years. Meanwhile, trees started to grow and the building ended up in a bad state. While you are reading this article, the whole place is being cleaned up and you should now be able to see the screen perfectly. And soon, specifically between the 1st and 5th of August you will be able to watch 6 European feature films thanks to the film festival Cinemascop, organized by the Czech Centre and EUNIC Romania. Eforie Sud, a town that is the same size as Cvikov, deserves a nice public space and also a cultural alternative. So come and see that it is possible!


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