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October 5, 2022

Vasile Blaga will hold talks with the former PDL wing to maintain Orban at the PNL leadership

Former Co-Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Vasile Blaga, called the leaders of the organizations of the ex-PDL wing at the headquarters of the party located in Modrogan, next Wednesday at 16.00, to a meeting where they will agree to support Ludovic Orban as the head of the party, political sources stated for MEDIAFAX.

The political sources mentioned that the meeting after which the message of the former Democrat Liberal leaders will be a message for unity in order to support the PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban, will be attended by the PNL Sibiu Chairman Raluca Turcan, the PNL Cluj Chairman Daniel Buda, as well as the PNL Alba Chairman Mircea Hava.

In addition to some of the leaders of the PNL branches from Transylvania, there will also be present some heads of the Liberal organizations from Moldova, including the PNL Iasi Coordinator, PNL MP of Suceava Ioan Balan, and the former PNL Senator of Suceava Gheorghe Flutur. MP Catalin Predoiu will probably come to the meeting, too.

The former PDL members will also discuss about the lists with the PNL candidates for the European Parliament’s election to be held in May, next year; the party has decided that there will be parity regarding the representation on the lists, according to the political sources. Thus, the ex-PDL wing will have five nominations, and the old PNL wing will have also five candidates.

According to the quoted sources, the list with candidates for the EP elections will include Mircea Hava, Ilie Bolojan, Vasile Blaga, Daniel Buda, Ludovic Orban, Siegfried Mureşan and Marian Jean Marinescu.It is very likely that the current MEP Cristian Busoi will not be included anymore among the nominees, the political sources also stated. The PNL Bucharest Chairman Busoi is no longer wanted even as the head of this organization by the party’s leadership and by the Liberal Chairman Ludovic Orban, in the context of the failure in the local and parliamentary elections.

The next Wednesday’s meeting between Vasile Blaga and the former PDL members comes amid a tensed meeting of the PNL National Political Bureau since Monday, where several Liberals criticized Ludovic Orban for the direction to which the party is going, according to the MEDIAFAX political sources. At the Monday’s meeting Orban reproached to these Liberals that they don’t bring any solution, and instead making opposition against PSD, they are undermining the party from inside.

Moreover, 16 Liberals, including the PNL Bucharest Chairman Cristian Busoi and the chairmen of the district branches, have drawn up a list by which they are asking for Ludovic Orban’s dismissal as the head of the party, the MEDIAFAX sources explained.

Some of the Liberals who are dissatisfied with Ludovic Orban and who attended the Monday’s meeting of the PNL national Political Bureau held at the Parliament, were the Chairperson of PNL District 2 Anca Boagiu, Senator Alina Gorghiu (former PNL Chairman – e.n.), the leader of the Liberal senators Iulian Dumitrescu, the Mayor of Arad Gheorghe Falca, Senator Marcel Vela, former PNL MP Hubert Thuma and the PNL MP Tinel Gheorghe.

According to the MEDIAFAX political sources, the leader of the PNL senators Iulian Dumitrescu reproached to Ludovic Orban at the meeting of the Political Bureau that the party doesn’t order a poll to see PNL’s position towards the voters. Gheorghe Falca had some criticisms against Orban, and then he told him that he is a professor in communication. In reply, Orban told him that nobody saw him for one year, although he pretends he is a professor in communication. PNL Chairman asked the dissatisfied Liberals if they ever called him to suggest solutions, and added that the only thing they are doing is to complain.

In the end, the Liberal Chairman Ludovic Orban burst out and told them “to stop beating around the bush” and admit that they signed a list to dismiss him as the head of PNL.

“What are you doing here, are you undermining the party from inside? You come here and do who knows what, and behind my back you are making lists. For one year and a half, I haven’t seen any of you hitting PSD. So, there is obvious that someone from outside wants you to do this” Orban told to the dissatisfied Liberals, according to the MEDIAFAX political sources.

At the last Monday’s meeting of the National Political Bureau (BPN), the Liberals established to convene the National Council on August 4. The Liberal leader Ludovic Orban stated on Monday, at the end of the BPN meeting, that the place of the event, which could be Alba Iulia or Bucharest, wasn’t established yet. Orban proposed the exclusion from PNL of the PNL District 2 First Vice Chairman, Viorel Catarama. The decision can be made by the party’s leadership only at the National Council to be held on August 4.

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