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September 29, 2022

Fourth edition of “Home-made Wine from Jidvei Stum” campaign will be marked by the release of a new assortment

Four years ago, the company Jidvei, the largest Romanian wine producer, launched the campaign “Vin de casa din must de la Jidvei” (e.n. – “Home-made Wine from Jidvei Stum”), an initiative aiming at promoting and transmitting the national traditions of making home-made wines, part of a cultural heritage for centuries. This year’s edition of the campaign brings more novelties, including adding the third stum assortment, the pink stum.

In response to the needs identified within the home-made wine producers’ community, as well as in order to encourage keeping the tradition of making home-made wine inherited from generation to generation, Jidvei introduced this year more facilities regarding the distribution and the delivery methods. Thus, stum can be ordered and delivered now in 15 counties, compared to 12 counties last year, including Bucharest and Ilfov, for the first time. Like every year, the Jidvei specialists will provide tips, recommendations and useful information to the housekeepers, in order to obtain the best home-made wine.

“Due to the climate changes, 2018definitely is a reference year for the Transylvanian viticulture. The hourly average temperature which is higher by 4 degrees compared to the multiannual average has brought Podgoria Tarnavelor in the optimal area for the cultivation of the vine; variations of temperature specific to the influences of the continental climate can be remarked here. The result of the combination of these climatic factors is the ideal grape for wines of high quality, wines with strong flavors ensured by the accumulated temperatures, which are delicate and fresh at the same time, thanks to the balanced water regime. The result of this year’s heat report is beneficial, because the accumulations of sugars and flavors will reach the optimal level in the last decade f August, therefore this year we will taste the wine two or three weeks earlier”, said the Jidvei Technical Manager, Ioan Marginean.

As in the previous years, the minimum quantity of stum that can be ordered is 100 kg, against the price of 4.5 RON/kg, and when the harvesting campaign will start, the stum quantities will be delivered in the best conditions in localities from the counties of Alba, Sibiu, Mures, Cluj, Brasov, Hunedoara, Salaj, Bistrita-Nasaud, Valcea, Harghita, Covasna, Prahova (up to Campina), Gorj, Dambovita, Neamt, as well as in Ilfov and Bucharest.

Under this campaign, Jidvei provides those who are willing to make their own wine, in their own household, cleared stum of the varieties Feteasca Regala with Muscat Ottonel, Sauvignon Blanc and pink stum, their quality being guaranteed by the declaration of conformity that accompanies each delivery.

“The Jidvei stum is subject to a clearing process, which makes the yeast resulting from the fermentation process be in a smaller quantity. This is a key element, because the filtering process within a household, after crashing the grapes, is difficult, and most of the times, it has poor results in terms of quality. Clearing the stum is a very important operation by which a number of compounds that are not necessary in the final wine are eliminated, such as: dust or soil scraps, small parts of peel or bunches. The most common method we use is the gravitational clearing, a technique we apply thanks to the modern technology we have” explained Dr. Chemist Ioan Buia, the manager of the Jidvei winemaking complex.

The orders can be registered from July 16 to August 20, 2018, and they can be made by the phone, calling at 0755.70.60.00 (normal rate call) or by filing the order form available on the website www.mustdejidvei.ro.

Small wine producers who will purchase at least 250 kg of stum under this year’s campaign “Vin de casa din must de la Jidvei” will be able to enroll their wines in the contest with the same name, which will be held in the next spring. All the samples that will be sent and accepted in the contest will be judged by tasters who hold the A.D.A.R. license, as well as by amateur tasters among the small householders; this aims at educating, encouraging and increasing the involvement of the participants during the contest.




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