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October 7, 2022

HealthMin Pintea: Within two months, we will present a draft law on transplant

Health Minister Sorina Pintea stated that within two months, a new draft law on transplant will be presented, and an order establishing a working group for drawing up this draft law will be issued in the near future.

“This working group will include specialists, politicians from all the political spectrum, patients, people who are subject to transplantations, living donors. We are planning to propose this law within two months. I’m not hiding from you that we – or those of us who will suggest solutions to the working group – have been inspired by the Spanish law, who seems to us very appropriate for Romania, in the current circumstances”, Sorina Pintea said on Monday at a press conference organized by Asociatia Transplantatilor din Romania (ATR) (e.n. – the Association of Romanian People who are Subject to Transplantations) at the Fundeni Clinical Institute, on the occasion of the Organ Donor Day.

The Minister also presented a number of statistical data on transplantation in our country.

“In 2014, there were 138 real donors in Romania, 115 donors in 2015, 123 donors in 2016, 65 donors in 2017, while there are 30 donors by now in 2018. Is it much? Is it a little? I would say it is very little, because you now, the transplantation activity cannot exist if there are no organs. And regardless of which organization we join, if we, those who are here, are not aware of this, it’s useless”, Sorina Pintea stated, according to Agerpres.

She said that the main role in the pre-transplantation activity “belongs to the county coordinator, to the intensive care physician, to convince the carers that the organs of their son, brother, father, wife, can help other people and can save many lives”.

“We have a problem here, I don’t know what happened, you could see from statistic reports, the donation activity has decreased so much. I would say it decreased dramatically, because 60 kidneys or 40 lungs could have saved a lot of lives. I believe part of the guilt belongs to us, the authorities, because regardless of the scandals that occurred, and we have to admit they occurred, we should have never stopped supporting this activity. We should have had a law on transplant for a long time ago, stating very clearly what must happen, we should have stimulated more the coordinators of the county centers, because we have stimulated something else, I mean financially speaking, and this is a problem. Perhaps we should have praised more Doctor Copca because he had the courage to perform the first lung transplant, or perhaps we should have supported him, because I believe doctors are waiting for support, not necessarily many praises” Pintea added.

The Minister also spoke about the decision to change the management of the National Transplant Agency.


“Personally, it seemed to me that almost nothing is happening there. Apart from a few people, the rest of them are doing almost nothing, but the rest doesn’t exist. At this point, the organizational chart has 19 vacancies, there is a small number of employees anyway. We need a budget rectification, an income supplementation, which I was never asked for. We need transparency, as all of us want it, including me, but the online app unfortunately doesn’t belong to us, we have no control on it. There are details that make the whole not to work. Above everything, we need communication with those whom we coordinate, with the regional coordinators, with the coordinators of the county centers. And especially, last but not least, first of all we need communication with the patients, with the patient associations”, Sorina Pintea stated.

In this context, the Minster also spoke about Eurotransplant. “To be able to enter the Eurotransplant (..) we must fulfill some requirements. Therefore, I believe it is more important to comply with a protocol that both us and them have and which is not terminated by none of the parties, and prepare the steps to really join that organization, that foundation, because we are not ready at this point”, Pintea stated.

The President of the Association of Romanian People who are Subject to Transplantations, Gheorghe Tache, stressed that the association he represents wishes a new law on transplant that is functional, more transplantation centers, the elimination of the “horizontal and vertical” dysfunctions in this field and more information of the patients and/or their carers.

The conference was followed by a commemorating event of the donors at the Crucifix that was built in 2014 in the courtyard of the Church “Sfintii doctori fara de arginti Cosma si Damian” at Fundeni.


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