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October 1, 2022

Senate’s Standing Bureau convened on Thursday evening, the last day of the extraordinary session of Parliament

Vlad Alexandrescu: They’re calling us to decide something tomorrow, but we don’t know what, we don’t know what they’re planning


The Standing Bureau of the Senate has been convened for Thursday, at 6 p.m., the last day of the extraordinary session of Parliament. The second Government meeting this week is also scheduled on Thursday, against the backdrop of information regarding the potential adoption of an emergency ordinance offering amnesty and pardon for some corruption crimes. The announcement concerning the convening of the Standing Bureau’s meeting was posted on the Senate’s website on Wednesday evening.

Save Romania Union (USR) Senator Vlad Alexandrescu wrote on his Facebook page that Senators have been summoned at the meeting via text message, without any kind of explanation and any kind of agenda of the meeting.

“What is happening is unacceptable, they are treating the parliamentary Opposition like the tools of a single man! They sent me today a message summoning me at the Standing Bureau of the Senate, TOMORROW, without any kind of explanation, any kind of meeting agenda. They are calling us to decide something tomorrow, but we don’t know what we must decide, we don’t know what they’re planning. Most likely, they want to extend the extraordinary session of Parliament until August 10, as some sources say, but we can’t be sure because democracy is being done secretly in the Parliament of Romania from what we can see,” Alexandrescu wrote.

He says he asked for details, but the General Secretariat of the Senate said it does not know why the meeting was convened.

“I called the Directorate of the General Secretariat, I asked the chief of the directorate why we are being summoned tomorrow, what must we discuss, what are the grounds for the meeting. The classic answer: not even I know, I received a phone call, I’m a simple office clerk etc. These people are acting in the most Soviet style possible, only Stalin convened assemblies at 2 a.m. by making a simple phone call one hour before. Nothing written, the regulations are completely ignored,” the USR Senator wrote.

Alexandrescu also says that, in the absence of Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Intelligence Committee Chairman Claudiu Manda was the one who convened the meeting.

“With Tariceanu being away, it seems Claudiu Manda is now at the controls and wants us to show up for report tomorrow, at 6 p.m. Do you understand how things actually are? The entire institution of the Romanian Senate is at the disposal of a single man. Even during this extraordinary session, they decided to hold only two plenary meetings, to vote what they were interested in, and for one week or so nothing has been happening because they have already left on vacation. Now they want to try to extend the extraordinary session, to be able to issue, at any time, another Emergency Ordinance (if we enter parliamentary recess, the Government can no longer issue GEO). They are keeping Parliament on alert and hundreds of parliamentarians at their disposal for their interests,” Vlad Alexandrescu added.

On Thursday, the Government will hold its second meeting this week, and there are public rumours that the Executive is allegedly set to issue an emergency ordinance offering amnesty and pardon for some corruption crimes.

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