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September 29, 2022

Four symbolic buildings of Bucharest participate in the initiative “Lighting for inclusion”

Four of the representative buildings of Bucharest, namely the Arch of Triumph, the National Museum of Art of Romania, the Sutu Palace – the Museum of Bucharest, and the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, will be lightened in red on Friday, July 20 this year, from 21.00 to 24.00, as a sign of social inclusion of the people with intellectual disabilities.

The event marks 50 years since the Special Olympics movement started to fight at global level for eliminating the discrimination against people having intellectual disabilities and for creating an inclusive society.

In addition to the four symbolic buildings of Bucharest, other 170 buildings around the world will participate in the “Lighting for inclusion” initiative. The red color that will be displayed bears the message of tolerance, respect and celebration of differences between people. Some of these representative places in the world are Niagara Falls in USA and Canada, the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, and the water park in Beijing called “Water Cube”.

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