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June 26, 2022

Alevia estimates an increase in turnover of up to 10% in 2018

The company’s turnover was EUR 5,500,000 in 2017


Alevia, the Romanian company specialized in the production of food supplements and teas, registered a turnover in value of EUR 5,500,000 in 2017, and a 10% increase compared to the value registered in 2016, generating a profit of more than EUR 600,000. For the current year, the company estimates an increase in turnover of up to 10%.

The company’s upward trend is due to a combination of factors related to the expansion of the product portfolio, the investments in new sections and the increase of the customer number, as well as to the development of the product ranges marketed in hypermarkets and of the export to the Republic of Moldova.

For the company, 2017 was a proper year for innovation and development, being beneficial for expanding the production premises and the fast growth of the product portfolio. Thus, last year, the business actions performed by Alevia aimed at opening new sections, following an investment in machinery and buildings, in value of EUR 2 million. Two new halls of 3,000 sqm and performing machinery were purchased in order to increase the production capacity and to refurbish the already existing sections.

Being an active supporter of the healthy lifestyle and a real support for people’s well-being, Alevia aims at constantly improving the product range; last year, it launched three new lines, increasing and diversifying the product portfolio with more than 100 products: 35 assortments in the food range, 15 syrups, 7 oral soluble products, 2 creams and 50 assortments of bulk tea. The food range includes 35 products: seeds, dried fruits and nuts, purchased from one of the largest and renowned suppliers in the Netherlands. The syrup range includes 9 syrups for adults and 6 syrups for children. The syrups are 100% natural and they are obtained from standardized plant and fruit extracts, with multiple benefits for the body. The third product line consists of oral soluble products, with a pleasant orange taste, in a simple form of administration – they dissolve directly in the oral cavity, without needing to be dissolved into water.

For the company, 2017 meant a growth regarding several product categories. The highest share was registered for teas with 20%, being followed by the Ginkana range with 12%, the juice range with 6%, and the immunity, cream and slimming product ranges, each of them with a sales share of 5%. The most spectacular increase was related to teas and Coenzima Q10, with a 20% share.

For 2018, Alevia is planning to maintain the trend and expects an increase in turnover by 10-15%. To reach its objective, the company is preparing to open a new section and to finalize two halls of 750 sqm for storage. The development of the product portfolio will also continue this year, by expanding the food range and launching premium teas.

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