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September 29, 2022

Barna: USR to elect candidates to European Parliament through internal referendum

The Save Romania Union’s (USR) candidates for the European Parliament elections will be elected through an internal referendum, with any member being entitled to run for a spot as MEP, the party leader, Dan Barna, announced on Saturday in Alba Iulia.

“USR has established a mechanism with respect to the European Parliament elections, which is different from any other such mechanism ever used in the Romanian politics so far. This is like a festival of democracy, in a way, where the ones to reach the list for MEPs will be decided through an internal referendum. Basically, anyone who is a member of this party can register as a candidate and run, and climb up on the list depending on how much he/she is able to convince the other members, and in the end he/she will reach the list for eligible MEP spots,” said Dan Barna.

He also added that “any citizen who wants to have a chance to become a MEP” can join the USR now to participate in this internal referendum.

“As soon as one becomes a member, one has also a chance to candidate. If one has a programme or credible and convincing professional experience for the MEP office … then he/she will have all the chances to be on this list. Despite how things always stood in politics, where a party leader or a committee just elected the candidates themselves, USR stays loyal to his message of being a democratic and transparent party and it will make this list by consulting with all its members through vote,” said Barna.

The USR leader claimed this was ‘the most democratic and non-conflicting manner” in which to elect the “ones with credibility and experience and capable of convincing” the party members to back them up. He also added that the procedure will be “transparent.”

The process of submitting and announcing the candidacies and the internal campaign will take two months, October and November, towards the end of which period the USR list should be ready for the European Parliament elections.

Barna also mentioned he had no intention to candidate for a MEP office in the next interval.

“I won’t candidate. My colleagues chose me to manage the party. USR is still in its building and development stage and it’s important to at least in the next interval invest all of my energy in stabilizing and growing the party,” said the USR leader.

Dan Barna also specified that, when he took over as leader of the party, in October last year, the party had 1,800 members, while now it has grown up to 4,000 members.

“People join USR and the version of Romania we are working on and that we are proposing, a pro-European Romania, one to support entrepreneurship, a Romania to be like the developed countries, like the Western European and civilized countries, and not like Turkey, Russia and other smaller alternatives,” concluded the USR leader.

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