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October 5, 2022

Former PM Ciolos signs petition against legally embattled people holding public offices: It is almost curious to say in a European country that you have to sign a petition to ask for honest people in public offices

Former Prime Minister and founding chairman of the Romania Together /Ro + movement Dacian Ciolos signed in Bucharest’s University Square on Monday a citizens’ initiative to amend the constitution to bar legally embattled people from holding public offices.

“I signed this petition simply because we want honest public servants. You see, it is almost curious to say in a European country that you have to sign a petition to ask for honest people in public offices. In very many countries that is a matter of common sense first and foremost. It is natural that you want your money to be managed not only by competent people, but first of all by honest people. It seems that we need to say that loud and clear, because too many of those who lead us it is not so clear that when you are legally embattled, your place is not in a public office, even if you are backed up by votes. One should be ashamed to ask for those votes when you know you have some problems with justice,” Ciolos explained.

He said it is important that this project be carried through in order to get a clean political environment, expressing his conviction that more than 500,000 signatures can be collected.

“And this has nothing to do with the rights of the citizen, including the presumption of innocence or the rights of those who are only prosecuted and not convicted; we are talking first of all of those who are already convicted, some of whom continue to pass laws, to administer public budgets on behalf of the citizens,” added Ciolos.

He said that nobody can limit the will of citizens, asked about the fact that the fundamental law sets certain limits for revision.

“Certainly these limits can be overpassed when one fights for common sense. I do not think anyone can limit the will of citizens, to begin with. It is important, first of all, that this signal, based on the support of this petition (…) this idea feature clearly in parties’ manifestoes. There is a certain procedure for amending the constitution, but beyond this procedure – which we will follow and surely find a majority at the next election at the latest or earlier – I think it is very clear as a signal for the politicians claiming to do politics in the interest of the Romanians,” added Ciolos.

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