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October 1, 2022

Groupama Asigurari and Romanian Police launch the seventh edition of the annual theft prevention campaign

“Paza buna trece primejdia rea!” (“A good watch prevents the danger!” – e.n.) is the slogan of the latest campaign for preventing thefts from dwellings, conducted under the partnership between the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police and Groupama Asigurari. The initiative, which will be implemented in the next 6 months, is at the seventh edition and aims to make people aware on the measures each of us can take in order not to become a victim of thefts.

The creative idea behind the campaign is inspired by the wisdom inherited from our ancestors. We combine proverbs or sayings with courageous images to draw attention on simple ways of prevention which are frequently ignored by many of us. In the age of speed, of the supersaturated information and of the “background noise” that accompanies us all the time, we intended to generate a reaction from those who think “such a thing” cannot happen to them.

“Preventing the risks is an important component of the Groupama Asigurari strategy, which also integrates our sustainable partnership with the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police. Through this year’s campaign, we aim at raising people’s awareness on the ways by which each of us can protect his dwelling, preventing criminals from finishing their plans” stated the Marketing and Communication Manager of Groupama Asigurari, Georgiana Miron.

“Also, the operational situation of the first six months of this year indicates a decrease in the number of thefts from dwellings, the campaign’s prerequisite is exactly the special impact of this kind of crime on the citizen’s safety climate, especially for the victims and the members of the communities where such deeds are frequent” stated Police Chief-Commissioner Ramona Dabija, Director of the Institute for Crime Prevention and Research – the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police.

The joint project of the Romanian Police and Groupama Asigurari is motivated also by the positive results obtained after the last year’s campaign, under which more than 150,000 citizens have been informed on the ways to prevent thefts from dwellings.

Thus, under this year’s campaign, a number of activities will take place, by which people will be informed on the ways to significantly diminish the criminal’s “chances” to succeed.

The data provided by I.G.P.R. (General Inspectorate of Romanian Police) indicates that in the first months of 2018, 11,481 thefts from dwellings have been reported, by 4% less than in the similar period of 2017, and most of them have been recorded in the urban areas.

The analysis of the thefts from dwellings highlights a multitude of modalities used by criminals to commit such deeds. Most of them are committed by burglary, but there are also cases when the authors enter the dwelling after they obtained the owners’ consent, and then they take advantage from their inattention, in order to steal various goods or money.

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