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October 5, 2022

Sorana Cirstea joins the Save the Children campaign for combating child mortality. A performing incubator was donated to the Targoviste Maternity

The Targoviste Maternity was equipped with a performing incubator in value of RON 75,000, a vital donation to save the newborns. The medical unit serves several counties regarding the severe cases of prematurity. The tennis player Sorana Cirstea has joined the cause Save the Children for combatting child mortality, making possible the donation which is so important, since the existing incubators are already used since almost ten years.

Theoretically, the Targoviste Maternity was raised to Grade III, which means it can receive and treat cases of increased vulnerability. In fact, it is far from a proper financing. Thanks to the doctors, the Targoviste Maternity performs, and for this reason, the Save the Children Romania Organization continues the program for combating child mortality by supporting them.

In the first half of the year, 60 children were prematurely born at the Targoviste Maternity, which means ten percent of the total number of births. Ten cases of them represented severe prematurity cases. Normally, such cases should have ben sent to the maternities in Bucharest, but since the maternity has been upgraded, they are treated here.

Ten premature babies have been transferred in Targoviste from the maternities in the region (Arges and Prahova), and all of them have been saved and their evolution has been recovered by the medical team.

“The doctors from here coped by an exceptional manner, but saving lives with bare hands is a risk which no medical system should assume. Most of the times, an incubator makes the difference between life and death, so wen you know what the solution is, and when you know it is handy, ignoring it and applying the so damaging principle ‘it works like this, too’, is an irresponsibility. We, at Save the Children, are advocating for both coherent public policies and social responsibility. Sorana Cirstea’s gesture to donate her prize in money obtained by participating at Fed Cup, to the program of the Save the Children Organization to reduce child mortality in Romania, is an exemplary one, and we are grateful to her” stated Gabriela Alexandrescu, the CEO of the Save the Children Romania Organization.

Doctor Roxana Aldea spoke about the golden seconds in an intervention, when it comes about saving premature babies: “The difference between life and death is made by the physician’s reaction speed and by the medical equipment that you have. The chances to live are directly proportional to the speed and efficiency of the care provided to the newborn at the time of the birth. First, you set up a care strategy that begins with preparing the place where the baby will be taken for intensive care; the medical devices and equipment are essential at this stage”.

Only in 2017, Save the Children Romania has invested over EUR 813,000 in endowing 40 maternities and newborn sections from: Bucharest, Brasov, Resita, Caransebes, Targu-Neamt, Bicaz, Roman, Targu-Mures, Gura Humorului, Radauti, Buftea, Buzau, Iasi, Satu-Mare, Tulcea, Barlad, Botosani, Caracal, Sibiu, Deva, Calarasi, Oradea, Mangalia, Ramnicu-Valcea, Pitești, Craiova, Timisoara, Bacau, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Zalau, Baia-Mare, Targoviste, Alba-Iulia.

Between 2012 and 2017, Save the Children Romania endowed a total number of 78 maternities from 40 counties of Romania, making the number of donated equipment increase to 393, with a total value of EUR 3,120,000.

“Although you play individually, in tennis you rely on your team for each ball. Thus, through work, scrupulousness, discipline and support from the team, you succeed in performing. I believe this principle is also valid for the premature babies: they need a good team, and I have decided to be part of their team. I believe all of us are obliged to return something to the society that formed us. Moreover, we, as athletes who have benefited from the support of many wonderful people who formed us and gave us the opportunity to be appreciated abroad, must be an example for the society. As a thanksgiving for having, now and in the past, the honor to represent Romania in international competitions such as Fed Cup, I wished to donate this money that I received, to an organization that knows what to do with them and return to the city where I started from, together with Save the Children, with an endowment that perhaps will help future champions grow from premature babies, and which will save their lives for sure. I am calling all my colleagues, performance athletes, to give an example and be actively involved in causes like this one, and thus we will start being the change we want in the society. I play for Romania, I give back to Romania. I thank to Save the Children Romania for teaching me hot to do this good thing!” Sorana Cirstea said.

In Romania, it’s important where you are born to be able to live: only 23 units are Grade III units and can take severe cases.

According to the statistics, 90% of the premature or extremely premature babies (under 32 weeks) survive in the developed countries, while 90% of them die in the poorly developed regions (WHO Born too soon report). In Romania, this is the case of one of 10 children, who is born prematurely and needs urgent medical intervention from the first minute of life, to be able to survive.

The insufficient medical teams continue to be a frequent problem in Romania, according to the data of the Save the Children analysis on the situation of the Romanian maternities: 13% of the level I maternities have no standard incubators for premature babies, 56% of the level II don’t have a fan for respiratory support, and 14% of the level III maternities have a single recovery table for children.

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