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September 30, 2022

ARBOmedia enters the influential marketing market, launches The AIM. Bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers… influencers in travel, family & parenting and wellbeing

ARBOmedia, one of the largest players on the local advertising market, announces the launch of its new influence marketing division, The AIM – ARBO Influence Marketing. Being structured on three well-defined niches – travel, family and wellbeing -, The AIM is planning to provide its clients with access to out-of-the box campaigns, along with influencers that can bring added value to the brand, through original ideas.

“ARBOmedia’s development in this direction has come as a natural step, especially given that we are operating on the advertising market for more than 20 years. Besides, we are in a permanent contact with the latest requirements of the clients and we wished to respond to the market’s needs, the association of the brands with the most appropriate influencers gradually becoming a more and more important instrument in the campaigns conducted at local level” stated Alin Alecu, ARBOmedia General Manager.

According to his statements, The AIM – ARBO Influence Marketing aims at providing its partners with a community consisting of renowned influencers on the three niches above-mentioned, being a place where storytelling and the relevance of the information welcome the brand. At present, both bloggers and vloggers or instagrammers in the fields of travel, family and wellbeing have joined The AIM project, being confident in the suggested concepts and the projects they can develop along the clients and other influencers in the community.

Thus, The AIM represents a form of unconventional promotion that involves flexibility, dynamism, nonconformism, by adapting the message according to the client’s needs and strategy. From opinion articles or presentations held at product tests, posts on the social media platforms, contests, life experiences, vlogging, any combination is allowed, and the only limit is the imagination of The AIM team or of the client’s marketing department.

“Influencers are capable to generate trust among the fans especially thanks to the fact that they are original and they present the reality as they feel and live it. The manner to express through an original and honest content can only bring more and more fans, for whom honesty is a very important thing. When we decided to launch The AIM, we wished to attract in our community exactly this category of influencers, who are enthusiastic, but objective, who are able to transmit vibration to the readers, to the public” stated the Sales Manager of ARBOmedia, Andreea Pistritu.

Thus, the resource on which The AIM relies is a consistent community of bloggers who has, first of all, the advantage of the originality, creativity and coherent speech on a certain theme, the capacity to make the readers resonate with the ideas, principles and feelings expressed in various posts, of any kind whatsoever.

In fact, the surveys conducted on the advertising market indicate that the main advantage of the campaigns supported by influencers is that they were capable to tell an authentic story around the brand. This authenticity increases the commitment of the audience even when it comes about promotional content. Thus, an interested audience is very likely to turn into an interested client.

“Considering these aspects and the typology of the influencers n our portfolio, we believe that those companies who will choose to start campaigns through the influence marketing tools, will increase the positive image of the brand, and consequently the consumer’s trust will increase, especially if they will choose influencers who identify with the promoted product” Andreea Pistritu added.

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