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October 2, 2022

PNL Ilfov Chairman requests the organization of a Congress where all those who supported Orban can reaffirm their support . Orban: It was an individual request, which wasn’t agreed by my colleagues

The National Liberal Party (PNL) Ilfov Chairman Marian Petrache requested on Monday, at the meeting of the National Executive Bureau, the organization of a Congress where all those who supported Ludovic Orban to be the Chairman of the party can reaffirm their support for him. Orban said that Petrache’s request was individual and it s not supported by his colleagues, reiterating that the current leadership is “very coherent” and the party’s points of view are agreed by almost all of his colleagues.

“Ludovic Orban was elected by 80% of those who participated in the Congress. Normally, those who supported him should reaffirm their support for Ludovic Orban, because if they were so fair, that meeting (between the former leaders of PDL – e.n.) wouldn’t have existed. (…) It hurts me to see disputes in the public space that have nothing to do with what we should have done. (…) I’m not the one who decides if Ludovic Orban is the leader of somebody else is. There are a lot of people in the party who have this right to vote. They said we have a National Council and the decision is made by the members of the National Council, if they want to organize a Congress it’s a good thing, if not, that’s it” Marin Petrache stated.

In his turn, Orban said that Petrache’s request to organize a Congress is “an individual request, which is not agreed by my colleagues”.

Also, the PNL Chairman explained that his party acts according to the mandate granted at the Congress, and the current leadership is “very coherent”.

“According to the winning motion that gave the political program, PNL is the supporter of a liberal-conservative ideology. (…) PNL is a party that acts according to the mandate that was granted to the current leadership by the Congress, which has achieved its objectives so far, it’s the party that obtained the highest increase in polls and which has the great opportunity to win the ruling party in the next elections. The party’s leadership is very coherent, and the party’s points of view are agreed by the vast majority of my colleagues”.


Orban, about a possible rupture in PNL, after Blaga’s return: No way 


National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban stated on Sunday at a press conference held in Satu Mare that “there is no way” to discuss about a possible rupture inside the party, in the context of the former Liberal leader Vasile Baga’s return.

Asked again if Vasile Blaga’s return could cause a rupture inside PNL, Ludovic Orban answered: “No way. If you saw Vasile Blaga’s message, it was a message of mobilization, of unity, and it expressed the clear objective of the party to win the elections, the presidential elections and the other categories of elections that will follow. PNL is a united party, a party in which there is obviously democracy, there is freedom of speech, diversity of opinions, but the party’s political action is coherent and it is determined by the Statute and by the decision of the statutory bodies of the party”.

Asked if the party needs Blaga as a PNL leader, Orban replied: “He is a member of the National Political Bureau, he regained his position. As a former Chairman of the party, he is a BPN (National Political Bureau – e.n.) member, therefore he is part of the leadership. Normally, every leader of the party who has qualities, who has political experience, who has projects, who has something to say in the public life is welcomed to join PNL’s efforts to win the elections”.

Former PNL Co-Chairman Vasile Blaga had a meeting on Wednesday with the Liberals coming from the ex-PNL, at the headquarter in the Modrogan Alley. Later, he stated that there are communication problems inside the party that must be corrected.

“We wished to have a meeting without an agenda, between fellows, between old friends, because we had a lot of battles together, and most of those who are not in holiday came to this meeting. We are interested about the party, that’s what all of us said, we are interested in it’s evolution, we are interested in everything it will do in the electoral year 2019, first of all in winning the presidential elections; of course, EP elections will also be important, but first of all the presidential elections, because you see that PSD is acting like a state-party even today. What would they do if they win the presidential elections, too? All of us have this obligation to support the President in getting the second mandate, and all my colleagues agreed with these things. We want a strong party, there are many things to correct. My colleagues will send them to the formal bodies of the party, to the Executive Bureau, the National Standing Bureau, so that they will be corrected, because things can be improved, indeed, as in any family, and I am sure they will be improved” Vasile Blaga stated at the end of the Wednesday’s meeting held at Modrogan.

He said that he doesn’t wish to ever return at the PNL’s leadership and that he doesn’t need any position to get involved in the party’s life.

“I don’t want to be PNL Chairman ever again, I helped with all that I could, as I did until now. I made a step back one year and a half ago because I appreciated that this is the right thing that a politician must do. I don’t need any position. I don’t need any position to have the role that my colleagues wish me to have. Since my colleagues came in such a large number when I asked them to, it means I don’t need any position inside the party to benefit from advices from one another” Blaga added.

Asked if he is planning to run for the EP elections, Vasile Blaga said: “I haven’t expressed such a wish yet. We’ll see what the criteria are”.

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