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May 26, 2020

Gov’t spokesman: Romania still has to transpose 45 European directives

Government spokesman Nelu Barbu said on Tuesday that Romania still has 45 European directives to transpose, three infringement procedures have been dimissed by the European Commission (EC) and for 13 procedures of the transposition of directives, the EC has been notified.

The clarifications were made after the Government took note, during Tuesday’s meeting, of the notice regarding the stage of the actions initiated by the European Commission against Romania for failure to fulfill the obligations.

“This notice contains information already known in the public space, we know at the moment what directives we have implemented, what directives are still to be implemented. From the clarifications made by Minister Victor Negrescu today, I have understood and note has been taken that the Commission has already dismissed three infringement procedures, the Commission has been notified for three procedure of the transposition of European directives. The number of those that still need to be transposed is lower than in other periods of the past years, namely 45. In the next period, each ministry with responsibility for the implementation of the European directives will carry out all the necessary demarches, so as to reduce this number,” Nelu Barbu said in a press statement.

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