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September 30, 2022

Minister for Romanians Abroad: “Information at Home! Safety in the World” campaign, due to continue

The second stage of the national campaign “Information at Home! Safety in the World” will continue during August-September, for Romanians that wish to travel, to work, or to live outside the country, Minister for Romanians Abroad, Natalia Intotero told a press conference on Monday, where she presented the first-semestre stocktaking report of the Ministry she runs.

She specified that the second part of the campaign will focus on involving county councils. “We will discuss with all the representatives of the territorial-administration units of each county and we will try to inform, as well as possible, the citizens who wish to travel, work or live outside the country, in collaboration, surely, with the associative environment from outside the country’s borders, with Romanian parishes, and media representatives,” said Intotero.

Moreover, she talked about the demarches carried out for the return and social re-insertion process of the Romanians abroad. “Until now we have had working meetings in view of initiating a draft law concerning the return and social re-insertion process,” said Intotero.

The Minister mentioned that discussions have taken place for identifying solutions, so that students who were born outside Romania’s borders and who are facing difficulties in adapting when their families return home, benefit from the support of teachers in educational units.

“Anytime Romanians abroad faced delicate situations, we tried to answer “present”, she maintained.

In this sense, the Minister specified that she was in the Bari area, Italy, in order to discuss with representatives of the authorities, but also of the social centers as well. “In these centers we have a lot of institutionalized minors, but we also have Ms. Cristina Condrea (…) the Romanian woman who was held captive for 10 years. We made sure that (…) both she and her children benefit from the most decent living conditions,” Intotero declared.

Intotero also said that she was in the area of Seville, Spain, to analyse the situation of two minors whose mother passed away. “We made sure that these two girls are getting all the love and attention from the authorities,” the Minister for Romanians Abroad said. She also added that she talked with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as from the the National Authority for Child Rights Protection and Adoption, procedures being kicked off to bring the two minors back to Romania.

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