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October 5, 2022

PNL establishes criteria to nominate its candidates in 2019 European election

The Executive Bureau of the National Liberal Party (PNL) on Monday set criteria for the nomination of candidates, a schedule and a procedure to draw up the list of candidates for the 2019 election to the European Parliament, according to party sources.

Thus, PNL members who want to run for a seat on the European Parliament will submit their bid to the General Secretariat by September 1.

The application file will have to include a professional CV, a political resume and a work project.

In order to be able to run on PNL lists, the candidate has to represent a European region and be endorsed by half plus one of the branches in the development region.

The party has also decided that the lead on the list of candidates will be elected by the Executive Bureau at the proposal of the PNL national leader.

For each development region, the list of candidates will have four candidates plus one alternate.

Candidate evaluation criteria are: political, administrative and professional experience in international affairs and quality of the submitted work project.

The final form of the list of candidates will be voted on by the National Political Bureau by November 1.

The criteria, the schedule and the procedure for drawing up the list of candidates for election to the European Parliament are to be submitted to the National Council of the National Liberal Party, which convenes in Bucharest on August 4.


Liberal Orban: Hungarian PM’s statements – offensive and serious; we urge Gov’t to take attitude


Liberals condemn the Hungarian Prime Minister’s statements about the Great Union Centennial and urge the Government to take official attitude in this case, the PNL (National Liberal Party) leader, Ludovic Orban, said on Monday.

“PNL condemns the Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s statements, which are offensive against the Romanians’ feelings, in a year when they celebrate the Great Union Centennial. These statements are totally out of place, they are anything but friendly and they are the more offensive and serious as they were made in Romania. We urge the Government to take official attitude in this case and not to remain silent, when faced with such statements that throw doubt on the Romanian citizens’ right to celebrate the Great Union Centennial and to consider this year as one of an extremely great importance for them, since this year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great Union,” Orban said at Parliament, after the meeting of the Liberals.

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