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October 2, 2022

Serbian judiciary rejects Sebastian Ghita’s extradition and considers him eligible for asylum

Belgrade’s High Court of Justice has rejected the Romanian authorities’ request to extradite former House lawmaker Sebastian Ghita, and has established that he is eligible for asylum, the final decision set to be transmitted to the Serbian Interior Ministry.

With this decision, the Belgrade High Court of Justice has admitted that in June, following a decision taken by the Serbian Interior Ministry’s Directorate for Asylum, Sebastian Ghita became eligible for asylum in Serbia, “due to the conditions of persecution he was subjected to in his country of origin in reaction to the expression of political opinions,” the Tanjug agency informs, being quoted by ‘Kurir.’

The documents in this case have already been sent to the Belgrade Court of Appeals which, after hearing the prosecutor and Sebastian Ghita’s lawyer, can confirm, revoke, or cancel the decision.

The final decision on the extradition issue will be transmitted to the Serbian Interior Ministry, which will communicate it to Romania.

The former parliamentarian was last seen in Romania on the night of 19 to 20 December 2016, while leaving an event organised by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). He attended the event in his capacity as member of Parliament’s Intelligence Committee. The policemen tasked by prosecutors with tailing him lost his track. According to some sources, Ghita drove at speeds in excess of 200 km/h on National Road 1, and at one point a third vehicle blocked the policemen’s car. Later, Ghita’s car was found at his home, so the policemen assumed he was home sleeping.

The former parliamentarian was apprehended in Belgrade on 13 April 2017. He was detained at 11.45 p.m., on a street in Belgrade. He was accompanied by his brother at the time. Asked to show his ID, Ghita showed a Slovenian ID and driver’s licence, while his brother showed his real ID.

Sebastian Ghita was released at the end of May 2017, after he paid 200,000 euro in bail, but is not allowed to leave Belgrade.


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