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October 1, 2022

MEP Catalin Ivan launches Alternative for National Dignity, a new kind of political construction

The Member of the European Parliament Catalin Ivan on Saturday in northeastern Iasi launched a party that wishes to be a “new kind of political construction” the Alternative for National Dignity (ADN).

MEP Catalin Ivan asserted that the ADN is a pro-European party, has the consensus idea and will have no Chair.

“I’ve been asked whether I will be this party’s Chair and I said definitely no, the ADN has no president. The ADN is based on a coordination team with coordinators on each important field of our daily life, the best specialists, the ones with the highest competence in the respective domain. The masters in education, health care, environment, agriculture, economics, make the decisions through consensus. They all have to agree that a solution tabled is the best solution and it observes the principles we have assumed. Never in the ADN will there speak one person about everything. Once a year, the agora of the Alliance for National Democracy is to take place,” Catalin Ivan told the attendees in this event

According to Ivan, the ADN’s political programme will be grounded on working groups, and those who will be in charge will have attached a smart contract, technologically speaking.

“This smart contract is covered by itself. The moment two sides agree upon two working principles, none of the two can intervene any more on this contract. It just happens. (…) Anybody with the ADN will get into a job position and will assume a public responsibility, will be conditioned upon by what we have promised in the election campaign and what they will succeed to do. The non-accomplishment of these objectives draws penalties until they lose their mandate,” Catalin Ivan stressed.

Ivan also announced the launching of a web application called ADN.ro, through which the users could become members of the new political platform, find information about it and take part in discussions.

The Euro-Deputy has made an X-ray of the classic political parties, emphasising in this respect that they are confronted with issues, such as the lack of transparence, nepotism, the lack of competence, the dependence on a providential leader, demagogy. Ivan sustained that this is the reason why a reconfiguration of the politics is paramount.

“I could say that today, all paintings on all of the Romanian parties’ walls have fallen down. When I entered the politics, the walls were covered in paintings of providential leaders. The idea of relating to a “almighty dad”, to the providential leader, to the one who pulls the party, to a locomotive is a wrong approach. Never in this world has been invented a machinery, a computer, a robot that knows everything, let alone a man. One cannot store that much information. And even if so, we wouldn’t know all the time to make the best decisions. Success stays always in the team. Success will always stay where the people give their maximum of yield, where they have maximum of competence,” Catalin Ivan added.

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