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Decathlon has launched the 18th Trocathlon edition, the second-hand sports articles fair

Decathlon, one of the largest sports article retailers in Romania, has launched a new edition of Trocathlon, the second-hand sports articles fair which takes place between October 12 and November 4, 2018.

Trocathlon is a unique service of Decathlon that brings together the sports lovers in order to sell its used sports articles. The event is also dedicated to those who are interested in a series of more affordable second-hand products.

With almost 5,000 sold products and 6,100 satisfied customers only in 2017, Trocathlon has become one of the most wanted alternatives for those who are not willing to invest too much in new products, but who want the guarantee of the quality of the purchased products. Before being launched in order to be sold, the Trocathlon specialists rigorously evaluate and validate the brought products.

“Our mission is to promote sports in all of its forms, and Trocathlon is an opportunity to reach also those who cannot invest more but are willing to move. The Decathlon specialists are here to provide customers with the most appropriate advices on choosing the best product”, stated the Trocathlon Coordinator Ramona Serbanoiu.

Customers can participate for free, benefiting from the advice of the Decathlon specialists. Sports articles from all the producers are accepted, not only those who were purchased from the Decathlon stores.

According to the rules, anyone can bring the product he wants to sell in the store, establishing a price with a Decathlon specialist which can increase the chances to be sold. The product is stored in safe conditions, and selling it brings a voucher to the seller, amounting its selling price. Otherwise, the owner can take it back or donate to a charity association. In addition, everything moved online, too: the trocathlon.ro platform allows people to see all the products that were brought to the fair, having the option to book them or the delivery option for those who are not able to go to a store.

Trocathlon was launched in the summer of 2010 and this year it reaches its 18th edition. It is a national biannual event, but it is also a permanent event in 6 Decathlon stores in the country.

“In addition to the 2 events we organize during the spring and autumn, we also have stores that host Trocathlon throughout the year. While we had 2 stores in 2017, this year we have included 4 more stores in the program, where anyone can bring second-hand sports articles anytime. Thus, we are planning to increase in the number of users from one year to another (around 6,000 users in 2017), who can benefit from this program, being close to as many of those who are willing to give a new life to the sports equipment, in fact counting on a responsible consumption. It’s easy to throw away an old thing, but it’s much clever to make it reusable for somebody else”, Ramona Serbanoiu added.

Decathlon also provides the participants in the campaign with a free of charge maintenance of the skis and bicycles, under the provisions of the regulation; they are some of the most wanted products at the fair.

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