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January 23, 2022

PM Dancila meets President Erdogan: Romania-Turkey cooperation at very high level

The cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Turkey is at a very high level, being characterised by trust, mutual support and based on common values and interests, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated within the joint statements with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that were carried out in Ankara.

“Our dialogue today was fruitful. We reviewed the coordinates of the strategic partnership between our countries, which dates back from 2011. The cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Turkey is at a very high level, being characterised by trust, mutual support and based on common values and interests. There is a permanent dialogue between the Romanian and Turkish authorities, both in a bilateral format and in regional framework, but also on the bilateral dimension. We cooperate on security and defence areas, as well as at the level of business milieu, the academia and in terms of culture,” PM Dancila stated.

Viorica Dancila mentioned that, during talks, also reviewed were the level of commercial exchanges between the two states, which recorded an upward trend.

“In 2017, the value of Turkish-Romanian commercial exchanges stood at 5.1 billion euro and a significant increase compared to the same period of last year was recorded in the first two months of this year. There is still a huge potential that must be exploited,” the PM said.

Furthermore, Dancila underscored the cooperation between Romania and Turkey as NATO member states, which is carried out at “very good parameters.”

“Our countries share security concerns and interests and actively cooperate at bilateral and allied level in view of promoting the shared objectives and identifying the adequate responses for the current challenges. Our dialogue is honest and open, which facilitates a better mutual understanding and identifying the common points. We are committed to further deepen the dialogue and cooperation in this area,” the PM stated.

Dancila mentioned having conveyed to President Erdogan that Romania will further endorse the European journey of the Republic of Turkey.

“We commend Turkey’s undeniable contribution to the European security and I take advantage of this opportunity to convey words of appreciation for Turkey’s efforts in managing migration, by hosting a large number of refugees on its territory,” the Romanian Prime Minister said.

Romania and Turkey successfully carried out common projects within the “Black Sea Basin” Joint Operational Programme, Dancila stated.

“We want for this cooperation to further expand, to the benefit of our citizens. I have conveyed to Mr President our wish to take advantage of all the opportunities existing at the Black Sea regional level, in order to ensure economic growth, stability and security in this region,” the PM added.

Dancila expressed her joy for the fact that the Romanian-Turkish partnership is “solid, it further has a great development potential and, above all, there is desire of both sides to strengthen it.”

“The signing of some cooperation documents on the occasion of this visit represents a clear proof in this regard,” the Romanian PM added.

Viorica Dancila also mentioned in her speech the fact that this year marks 140 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Turkey and 80 years since upgrading the relations at the embassy level.

“The year 2018 is, at the same time, an important year for Romania, in which we celebrate the Greater Union Centennial and I would like to thank the Turkish side, because this important event of Romanians was symbolically marked on Turkish soil by planting 100 olive trees in the Turkey-Romania Peace and Friendship Park, near Izmir,” the PM stated.

Prior to the joint statements, the two high officials attended the signing of some bilateral documents.

Thus, a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Higher Education between Romania’s National Education Ministry and Turkey’s Higher Education Council was signed by interim Education Minister Rovana Plumb, on behalf of the Romanian side, and by Chairman of the Higher Education Council Prof. M. A. Yekta Sarac, on behalf of the Turkish side.


President  Erdogan: Our objective is to reach 10 billion US dollars in trade exchanges

The President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Monday stated in Ankara, in his joint statement with the Prime Minister of Romania, Viorica Dancila, that the two states’ target in respect to economic cooperation is to reach 10 billion US dollars.

“We’ve started with a bilateral meeting where we discussed what can we do to develop even more our cooperation in the immediate future. (…) The economic and commercial relations represent the most important level of our relations. In 2017, we had a trade figure of approximately 6 billion US dollars and we want very much to increase this figure even more this year. Our target is to reach 10 billion US dollars in trade exchanges. Of course that, due to the steps that we are taking in common, we can reach this target,” said Erdogan, during the joint statement he held with the Romanian PM.

He also added that this figure increased by 23 per cent in January-August, compared with the same interval last year.

“Which is why we will continue to work very hard to reach the 10 billion US dollars target. Together with the other third countries involved, we have investments in Romania worth 7 billion US dollars, which were made by Turkish companies. In Romania we have more than 15,000 Turkish companies that carry out activities in a wide range of domains, from the banking sector to mass media, from constructions to the production of various products. Of course that we will continue to support in the future too the investors who are making investments in Romania and the other way around. At the same time, we invite our Romanian friends to come and make investments in Turkey,” added Erdogan.

The Turkish President also underscored the importance of cooperating with Romania in the security field.

“We want the cooperation we had until today with the Romanian authorities against terrorist organisations attacking our country to continue. We shall never forget the support granted to us by Romania during the attempt of coup d’etat of July 15 and we will maintain a close connection with all the Romanian authorities, in mutual support, and we will also take all the necessary steps against the persons and institutions in Romania having connections with the FETO organisation,” said Erdogan.

He also highlighted the mutual support the two countries grant to each other under NATO.

“On the occasion of the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union that Romania will hold in the near future, this will also be an opportunity for us. Dear Mrs. Prime Minister, I am very happy to see that before taking over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union you preferred to visit our country and I am very pleased with this fact,” said Erdogan.

He voiced appreciation for the Romanian side related to the treatment of the Turkish community in Romania and the intercultural exchanges.

“I can say that more than 15,000 of our citizens and more than 70,000 citizens from the community created by our relatives are living in peace and welfare in Romania, for which we are grateful. We wish from the bottom of our heart that Romania will become a good example for other countries too. And I want to underscore on this occasion that the “Yunus Emre” Turkish Cultural Centre in Romania and the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Romanian Cultural Centre in Istanbul are both helping with developing even more our cultural relations. At the same time, the TIKA Agency, which carries out its activity in Bucharest together with the Romanian authorities, carries out activities in the education, culture, healthcare and sports fields, where it signs very important projects,” said Erdogan.

Moreover, the Turkish President brought to mind that the year 2018 represents a moment of celebration for the two countries, considering the 140 years of bilateral diplomatic relations and pointed out that starting with the year 2011 the bilateral relations were upgraded to a strategic level.

“The friendship between our countries is the result of the cultural exchanges and the good relationship existing between our peoples,” concluded Erdogan.



Romania’s PM meets Levent Gok in Ankara, reiterates support for Turkey’s European aspirations

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Monday, on the occasion of her official visit to Ankara, had a meeting with Levent Gok, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, in which context she appreciated this country’ contribution in managing the migration issue and reiterated Romania’ constant support for Turkey’s European track.

The head of the Executive also appreciated the excellent cooperation existing at parliamentary level between the two countries, both at bilateral level and under the trilateral strategic dialogue with Poland, and she underscored the importance of the constant and consistent dialogue at this level on strategic issues, reads a press release of the Government.

“The two high officials analyzed the status of cooperation on topics of common interest on the bilateral agenda and the perspective for strengthening the Strategic Partnership, with an emphasis on the economic relations and cooperation in the security field, which are the main pillars of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and Turkey. The two interlocutors analyzed the recent developments of the security challenges in the Black Sea region and the common action taken in ensuring security and stability in the area, as well as the perspectives for future action,” reads the same release.

On the same day, on Monday, the Romanian PM had a meeting with Rifat Hisarcikliohlu, the President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

According to the Executive, Viorica Dancila hailed the dynamic economic cooperation between Romania and Turkey, which is the priority axis of the Strategic Partnership.

“The head of the Executive remarked the bilateral exchanges data, which place Turkey as the main trade partner of Romania outside the EU, the 5th partner at global level and the 3rd investor in terms of the number of companies operating in Romania. Bilateral exchanges have seen an upward trend in the past years, with their annual level exceeding the 5-billion-euro threshold in the end of 2017, with the prospect of even exceeding this threshold, based on the indicators for 2018. Moreover, at the same meeting, they analyzed the possibilities of capitalizing on the bilateral exchanges potential, in fields of common interest,” specifies the same source.

The two parties also hailed the dynamic of the sectoral dialogue, which takes place at different levels of the business milieu in Romania and Turkey.

“The organisation, by the end of 2018, of the 27th meeting of the joint inter-governmental committee for economic cooperation and of the Businessmen Forum will give a new dynamics to the economic relations,” said the Government.

During the talks they also underscored the positive experience of cooperation between Romania and Turkey in implementing common projects at the Black Sea, under the joint operational programme “Black Sea Basin.”


Romania and Turkey sign agreement on cooperation in healthcare area

Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea and her Turkish counterpart Fahrettin Koca signed an agreement between Romania and Turkey on cooperation in healthcare and medical sciences area.

According to the agreement, the two states will promote, based on equality and reciprocity principles, the cooperation in areas such as strengthening the healthcare systems, mutual encouragement of investments in the sanitary sector, medicines, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, hospital management, public health and family medicine system, geriatrics and gerontology, the organization of emergency medicine services.

According to a release of the Healthcare Ministry, Romania and Turkey will cooperate through exchange of information, delegations and experts in healthcare, as well as through encouraging experts to participate in scientific conferences and meetings.

Moreover, a joint working committee will also be established, that will periodically carry out meetings in view of assessing the cooperation activities and establishing the cooperation priorities.

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