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January 31, 2023

The President of Romania, official visit to Confindustria in Rome

Confindustria Romania, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Confindustria – Business Forum Italy-Romania


On October 16th, the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, visited Rome to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the strengthened strategic partnership with Italy.

An event of great importance, as it is the first official visit to Italy in forty-five years of a Romanian President.

Besides the institutional meetings with the Italian Presidency and the Municipality of Rome, President Klaus Johannis visited the prestigious Confindustria headquarter, in Viale dell’Astronomia to meet President Vincenzo Boccia and to participate at the “Opportunities of collaboration and investments in Romania” Business Forum, organized by Confindustria, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (ccir.ro) represented by President Mihai Daraban and Confindustria Romania (confindustria.ro) represented by President Giovanni Villabruna.

In 2016, Confindustria’s president, Vincenzo Boccia, attended in Bucharest the Economic Forum Both Worlds organized by Confindustria Romania and, in this occasion, had the opportunity to meet President Klaus Johannis.

In the framework of the Forum in Rome, after the institutional welcoming remarks from the President of Confindustria, Vincenzo Boccia, followed the speech of the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, and on both sides emerged words and resolutions of mutual recognition of the strong and solid partnership between the two countries, and the importance of Italian entrepreneurial presence and Italian investments in Romania as well as the patronal and representative role of Confindustria Romania.

At the end of the institutional part, after the speech of Guglielmo Picchi, Undersecretary of State Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the President of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mihai Daraban, strengthened in his speech the concepts of cooperation and opportunities that the Country can offer to Italian investments, in addition to the fundamental role of support that the Romanian Chamber of Commerce industry can guarantee, also through a widespread network of branches throughout Romania and thanks to the close collaboration with Confindustria Romania. The Forum was opened by the President of Confindustria Romania, Giovanni Villabruna.

“The visit of President Klaus Iohannis of Confindustria in Rome, for us, Confindustria Romania, was a moment of extreme importance and value, and a recognition of the efforts and sacrifices of our entrepreneurs in Romania and above all a sign of mutual respect for the role that the Patronat plays in Romania as a “home of Italian entrepreneurs” and a privileged point of reference not only for the Italian authorities but also for the Romanian authorities. Confindustria Romania has always collaborated with the Institutions, wants to be a tool of subsidiarity and social dialogue together with the other “patronat” and to provide its vision and contribution also on technical and social issues. In recent months, in fact, we have established a direct dialogue with the Government, with the ministries, in order to give practical, feasible and above all European solutions to the lack of manpower, one of the major problems that all companies are experiencing in Romania” declares Giovanni Villabruna, President of Confindustria Romania.

After the speech of the President of Confindustria Romania, the Forum continued with the intervention of two prestigious speakers, Stefan Voinea, Head of the Bilateral Relations Office of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Norina Boru, Economic Adviser at the Romanian Embassy in Italy, from which emerged very interesting statistical data and further information on the economic relationship between Italy and Romania.
Before the networking lunch, the precious testimony, as a successful case history, of a historical associate of Confindustria Romania, the Pirelli Tyres Romania, in the person of the CEO Dr.Ing.Wolfgang Meier and the intervention of Dr. Gaetano Vecchio President of COSEDIL and Chairman of the PMI Committee Italian Contractor Association.

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