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October 1, 2022

Porsche Romania, the largest local car importer, celebrates 20 years of activity

The automotive industry accompanied Romania’s economic growth over the past 20 years and Porsche Romania contributed to the sector’s evolution. Over two decades, Porsche Romania represents the brands Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA in Romania. The Romanian branch of Porsche Holding Salzburg delivered to its clients during this time more than 450,000 cars. From the first car sold in 1998 until selling electric car fleets in 2018, Porsche Romania is committed to make mobility easier and more convenient for its customers and maintain its leadership position on the market.

“This is a special year for Porsche Romania as we reach the 20 years milestone. We built a strong organization that we are proud of, which saw the ups and downs of the industry and we are ready to take on new challenges, related to adopting new technologies, connectivity, or online sales” says Brent Valmar, CEO of Porsche Romania and one of the leaders with the longest tenure in the industry.


One in five new imported cars delivered in Romania belong to the Volkswagen group brands and have staying power in the customers’ preferences. With its own after-sale division, used car operation and financing companies of the Porsche Finance Group, Porsche Romania has established itself as an innovative one-stop-shop for mobility needs.

Since 1998, the company achieved a total turnover of more than 8 billion euros, established 82 dealers in 26 counties and recruited more than 3,500 people within its network.

While numbers are impressive, the company’s story goes beyond: “Porsche Romania is a story of a successful business, and success is achieved with hard work, persistence, learning, sacrifices and above all, love for what we are doing.” thinks Kurt Leitner, CEO of Porsche Romania.

Looking forward, the automotive world is influenced by digitalization and technology. Three mega trends are shaping the market: e-mobility, autonomous driving and connectivity, and they will all affect the future models. The industry paradigm is changing as is the way of driving that we know.

“Digital services will create new and multiple touch points between our brands and customers. Technological innovation will enable higher levels of safety and convenience as cars better interact with their environments and assist their drivers. The demand for car sharing and ride sharing services will increase more and more as the customers will increasingly choose experience versus ownership” adds Leitner.

With electric cars becoming a normal part of the future streetscape, Porsche Romania aims to reach the 12,000 electric vehicles yearly sales milestone by the year 2025, of a total of 50,000 units sold, while builiding and supporting the development of the necessary charging infrastructure accross the country. To reach this ambitious target, investments of more than 150 million euro are planned in the expansion of the dealer’s network until 2030.

With successful brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and DasWeltauto and powered by technological innovations, Porsche Romania will continue to provide products and services to make mobility easy and more convenient for its customers well into the next 20 years.

Photo: Brent Valmar, Porsche Romania and Kurt Leitner, Porsche Romania


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