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October 5, 2022

IntMin Dan and Italian counterpart Salvini discuss bilateral cooperation in security area: We are border countries and we expect Europe to make a contribution to improving internal security

Bilateral cooperation in the security area and the future Romanian presidency of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union were among the topics tackled by Interior Minister Carmen Dan with Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

“We both agreed that we need more collaboration and confidence in the European Union, and these are built through dialogue and mutual knowledge. We underlined how the Romanian community in Italy and the Italian community in Romania represent a powerful bridge between us, which contributes to the economic and social development of our countries,” Minister Carmen Dan said on Tuesday, after the meeting with the Italian official at the Interior Ministry (MAI) headquarters.

She believes that it’s natural for a constant dialogue to exist between the two governments for the welfare of Romania’s and Italy’s communities.

“I know that the Italian Government is very concerned with fighting criminality. I reconfirmed my colleague our zero tolerance regarding criminality and the availability to continue the efficient collaboration between our law enforcements in order to prevent and fight criminality. Therefore, when we are talking about crime, things are clear: the perpetrators of criminal offenses have to be held responsible regardless of their citizenship, that is why we express our full support and, once again, assure Minister Salvini of the full cooperation of the law enforcement authorities of Romania,” Carmen Dan stated.

In her view, Romania has at its disposal all the necessary instruments for strengthening police cooperation, through both internal affairs attachés and the Romanian police officers who continue to be sent on mission in Italy. In the shortest time, another interior affairs attaché will be sent to Rome.

“The context in which Romania will hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU will be a complex one, marked by multiple challenges. We will focus on advancing files that can bring tangible results for the European citizens. The Romanian Presidency won’t have an easy mission, but it will be fully engaged in acting like a genuine impartial mediator and a consensus facilitator,” Carmen Dan stated.

In his turn, Matteo Salvini gave assurances, on behalf of the Italian Government, that the relationship between the two countries will only get better.

“We are border countries and we expect Europe to make a contribution to improving internal security. The Romanian community of Italy has more than one million people and it is obvious that the mistakes of the few should not affect others and I thank the Romanian authorities, the security services that have contributed to identifying wanted persons,” Matteo Salvini said.

He mentioned having in mind the organisation of a meeting between the Justice Ministers of the two countries, for deepening the topic of prisons’ overcrowding which Romania and Italy are confronted with.


“The Romanians working in Italy tell me that the Italian justice is too soft,  because in Romania, whoever makes a mistake pays more. From this point of view, we have to learn”


The European Union cannot intervene with votes and threats in order to block the choices of some Parliaments and Governments, Italy’s Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini told a press conference organised in Bucharest.

Prior to the conference, he met with Romania’s Interior Minister Carmen Dan, whom he talked to about “the necessity to work together in terms of defending external borders of illegal migration.”

“I assured her of our friendship and closeness to the Romanian community of Italy, which is the most present of the foreign communities. The mistakes of the few doesn’t fall on the shoulders of the majority of citizens who are perfectly integrated in Italy,” he stated.

Furthermore, Salvini underscored that Italy and Romania will strengthen the collaboration between law enforcements.

“We decided to meet with our fellow ministers of Justice in order to strengthen the collaboration in terms of escorting inmates to their native countries,” the Italian Interior Minister stated.

Salvini added that he invited Carmen Dan to Rome to prepare a Romanian-Italian proposal tackling emigration and security during Romanian Presidency of the EU Council.

“In terms of the European topic, I underscored that from my point of view and that of the Italian Government, the European Union cannot intervene with votes and threats in order to block the choices of some Parliaments and Governments,” Salvini highlighted. He also talked about a possible meeting between the heads of the Romanian and Italian Executives.

“I will personally make sure that a meeting between the Italian and the Romania Prime Ministers take place. Fast, but especially concrete meetings,” he pointed out.

In respect to the relation that his country has with the European leaders in Brussels, Salvini mentioned that Italy wants a change of the governance rules at the EU level.

“We don’t intend to leave Eurozone or the European Union. We intend to change the governance rules in Brussels. As I was talking to my Romanian colleagues, they are damaging Romania and Italy. I want a Europe that does little, but good things, not one that manages everything, but doesn’t do anything,” he pointed out.

The Italian official also talked about the assessment of the European Commission on the budget draft of the Italian Government.

“It’s not a fight of Italy with Europe. There are issues which someone from Europe has with Italy, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Austria. The Italian budget has 15 billion euro allocated to investments, it will help youngsters. We won’t cut any euro from the budget. We will respond kindly to all letters. I am available to go and meet, even tomorrow, with the President of the European Commission, in order to explain him how Italy will grow with this budget, but nobody will cut an euro out of the Italians’ money,” Salvini pointed out.

In respect to the illegal immigration, Salvini stated that “a law against exploitation” is needed.

“There are five million legally settled foreign citizens in Italy. They are welcomed (…). The problem which I am struggling with everyday is the tens of thousands of clandestine people who enter illegally, delinquents,” he added. In his view, “too much emigration leads to exploitation, especially in the extra-European countries.”

Moreover, he also tackled the exchanges of views which he had with the Romanian citizens of Italy. “The Romanians working in Italy tell me that the Italian justice is too soft, (…) because in Romania, whoever makes a mistake pays more. From this point of view, we have to learn,” Salvini stated.


Italian official on migrants issue: Macron should check his conscience before attacking neihgbouring countries


The French President, Emmanuel Macron, “should check his conscience first, before attacking neighboring countries,” the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of Italy, Matteo Salvini, Minister of Interior, told a press conference in Bucharest.

The statement came in the context in which France and Italy have had a long dispute on how to manage migration.

“Italy observes the rules, others don’t. And I refer now to both the laws regarding the balance and migration. I spent my entire summer being attacked and insulted, just to discover that, for months, the French are discharging migrants in Italian forests at nighttime,” said Salvini.

According to him, the recent information showed that among the migrants in questions there were also minors.

“So, Macron should check his conscience first and, before attacking the neighbouring countries, he should prove that he is good, generous and solidary,” said the Italian official.

Salvini also added that the landing of migrants from the Mediterranean Sea dropped from 110,000 down to 20,000 persons, which means “90,000 persons less who risked their lives and a safer Europe.”

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