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August 13, 2022

USR submits to Parliament draft law on implementation of Venice Commission recommendation

Save Romania Union (USR) has submitted to Parliament the draft law on the implementation of the recommendations of the Venice Commission, in the legislation, the leader of this political party, Dan Barna, announced on Thursday. Thus, among the proposals included in this law was also the one saying that the approval of the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) in the case of the appointment and removal of the chief-prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) and the prosecutor general must become mandatory.

“USR submitted a draft law regarding the implementation of the recommendations of the Venice Commission in the legislation. The message that I want to send on behalf of the USR is that, in Parliament, we are making all the efforts to have the legal instruments, namely the necessary laws, to implement these recommendations in the national legislation. In a couple of months we have the first parliamentary elections and we invite the citizens to turnout and vote, in order to send this message, that we can no longer continue with a bunch of criminals that transform the Romanian state in a state at the limit of the democracy in Europe,” said Barna in Parliament.


USR to submit to Constitutional Court certified support signatures for ‘No Convicts in Public Office” initiative. Barna: We consider it’s time to take the ‘No Convicts’ initiative to the next level


The civic initiative titled ‘No Convicts in Public Office’ is to reach on Thursday the Constitutional Court, as the lists with the 850,000 support signatures certified by mayor’s offices throughout the country will be submitted to the supreme constitutional body, Chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR) Dan Barna announced.

“Today, the ‘No Convicts’ initiative will be referred to the Constitutional Court. We submitted 850,000 support signatures certified by mayor’s offices countrywide. In almost 100 localities the mayors refused for various reasons to release the signature lists, and in the context of this unprecedented attack on the rule of law, and as we see that the Prosecutor’s Offices are also under extraordinary pressure, in this context where we just saw Liviu Dragnea brushing away the idea that the Special Court for Magistrates could be removed, as per the request of the Venice Commission, we consider it’s time to take the ‘No Convicts’ initiative to the next level,” Barna said in Parliament.

He mentioned having informed President Iohannis and seeking the President’s support in this regard, “for the initiative to be put up for a referendum, to enter the parliamentary procedure and a referendum be called thereon.”

According to him, USR will take individual lawsuits against the mayors who have violated the law by refusing to certify the signatures.

“For all these reasons, we submit today to the Constitutional Court the almost 850,000 signatures in order to push forward the process, and we will take to court, with individual lawsuits, the mayors who, for various reasons, refuse to comply with the law. On top are the counties of Suceava, Neamt and Vrancea, with over five or six localities whose mayors have actually refused to certify the signatures or return the signature lists. This is a blatant and explicit violation of the law on one’s own behalf,” Dan Barna said.



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