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September 29, 2022

Congratulatory message of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Czech Republic is an important partner of Romania. This is exactly why Bucharest is supportive of an increased dynamic of the political dialogue with Prague

The National Day of the Czech Republic gives the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania the particular privilege to extend cordial and most sincere congratulations, as well as best wishes to the Czech citizens. This noticeable event, which evokes the creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918, allows the Czech people to ponder on their past and think about the future.

The year 2018 has a special significance also for Romania, because it marks the 100th anniversary of the realization of the Great Union.

As of 1918, the two nations faced major common challenges in their general evolution. Some of the difficult times they went through finally helped strengthen the ties between them. The last part of the World War II, when numerous Romanian troops fought for Czechoslovakia’s liberation, and the tragic suppression of the Prague Spring, when Romania strongly condemned the invasion of Czechoslovakia by other Warsaw Pact members are eloquent examples in this respect.

In the recent history, Romania and the Czech Republic shared quite similar experiences in the transition from a totalitarian regime to democracy. The Czech valuable support proved to be instrumental in Romania meeting key foreign policy goals – with an emphasis on the Euro-Atlantic and European integration.

Today, when we celebrate 25 years of renewed diplomatic relations, the two countries act by virtue of the same core values, principles and interests.

The Czech Republic is an important partner of Romania. This is exactly why Bucharest is supportive of an increased dynamic of the political dialogue with Prague, all the more so as Romania will take over the Presidency to the EU Council in the first half of 2019. More frequent Romanian – Czech relevant official contacts would allow the two sides advance their common goals at bilateral, regional, European and multilateral level in a better way.

Another priority of our efforts is to boost the Romanian-Czech economic relations. Bucharest welcomes the positive trend in bilateral trade, as well as the remarkable increase in Czech investments in Romania. At the same time, it is necessary to actively stimulate sectoral cooperation too. There is a series of areas such as energy, agriculture, food industry, IT&C, tourism etc. with a great potential for cooperation.

The Romanian – Czech community enriches the Czech Republic’s economic, social and cultural fabric while preserving Romanian roots. Concurrently, its members play an active role in making the bonds between the two countries more solid. Their willingness and commitment to serve as tireless promoters of the bilateral relationship ought to be encouraged. The same goes for the Czech – Romanian community applied in Romania – where a Day of the Czech community has been organized each year, on September 28, since 2014.

Our robust cooperation, consistent approaches and coherent actions within the Bucharest Format (B9), the Three Seas Initiative, the European Union, NATO, the United Nations etc. further substantiate the future-oriented Romanian – Czech partnership and contributes to enhancing the regional, European and transatlantic security, building a stronger and more prosperous Europe and promoting stability, democracy, tolerance and peace in the world.

Happy National Day!

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