Czech Language Day celebrated in Romania

On Wednesday, 10.10.2018, the residence of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Bucharest hosted a festive meeting of Bohemianists, Romanianists and friends of the Czech Republic and of Romania, on the Czech Language Day. This day was established by the Parliament of Romania, at the initiative of House lawmaker Adrian Miroslav Merka, for September 28, the Czech Statehood Day, on which St. Vaclav is celebrated.

Ambassador Vladimír Války’s opening speech was followed by the speeches of Prof. Anca Irina Ionescu, recipient of the ‘Gratias agit’ award conferred by the Czech Republic’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ms Helliana Ianculescu, member of the Union of Romanian Writers, Ms Alena Klimesova, Czech Language Lecturer at the University of Bucharest, and Mr Mircea Dan Duta, diplomat, poet and translator.

In their turn, the guests made a brief presentation of the Romanian language translations of Karel Čapek’s ‘Talks with T. G. Masaryk,’ and Zdeněk Mlynář’s ‘Night Frost In Prague: The End Of Humane Socialism.’ Also discussed was the teaching of Czech language at the University of Bucharest and the Czech language’s influence in the world.

The final discussion in which the guests and participants engaged showed that the Czech Language Day represents one of the most important connections between our two countries.

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