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January 25, 2022

ButanGas celebrates 70 years of existence. Part of Veroniki Holding, the company founded by Prof. Iosif Constantin Dragan is one of the major players on the LPG market

70 years have passed since the company ButanGas Spa was founded by Prof. Iosif Constantin Dragan in Rome, on December 13, 1948. ButanGas SpA currently is one of the major players on the Italian LPG market, being part of Veroniki Hoding, led by President Daniela Veronica Gusa de Dragan. ButanGas Romania, a company headquartered in Bucharest, owns a wide and well-organized network, including four branches and two plants that cover the entire national territory. The activity of ButanGas Romania relies on the same solid principles and values of the Group it is part of: respecting the environment, paying attention to the customer’s needs and valuing the human resources.

ButanGas Romania, which operates on the Romanian market since 1996, opened eight years ago, in Contesti, Dambovita County, the largest plant of its kind in the Southeast Europe, with a storage capacity of 4,050 cubic meters. ButanGas Romania currently has around 200 employees and appears on the market as a dynamic and innovative company, with a turnover that reached EUR 40 million in 2017. The company’s management consists of: Gabriel Stoicescu (General Manager), Mihaela Ionescu (Chief Financial Officer), Mihail Duta (Chief Commercial Officer), Ionut David (Technical Manager).

Veroniki Holding, a multinational holding with more than 1,300 employees in 9 European countries, conducts its activity through 32 companies. The Veroniki Holding management consists of: Eng. Christos Christofides (General Manager), Lawyer Alberto Gallazzi (Legal Manager), Mr. Riccardo Gerosa (Chief Financial Officer), Mr. Paolo Pellegrini (LPG Market Development and Internal Control).


Veroniki Holding’s business areas


The main activity of the Group is the LPG distribution, LPG being a safe, economic, ecological and always ready-to-be-used source, being recognized worldwide as one of the most important alternative fuels, which is appreciated by consumers for its versatility.

The Group, which is present in Romania and Italy, coordinates its own LPG subsidiaries from Greece (PetroGaz), Germany (Drachen-Propangas), Poland (DragonGaz), Austria (PropanGas) and Serbia (ButanGas International). In Greece, LPG sea transportation is also organized through a fleet of gas shipping vessels, managed by two shipping companies belonging to the Group, Mare Vera and Veronaus.

Veroniki Holding is investing in the renewable energy market through the companies Romconstruct Top and Veroniki Energy. This commitment has involved a significant investment of around EUR 40 million, made in Romania to build a wind farm of 25MW near the city of Constanta, on the shore of the Black Sea, while a photovoltaic park of 1 MW was built in the city of Catania, Sicilia, being managed by ButanGas.

In order to diversify its activity, Veroniki Holding has strengthened its presence also in the real estate field, where, through the companies Veroniki Real Estate from Romania, Italy and Spain, and other Spanish and Greek companies, it manages prestigious buildings, its exclusive property, renting office spaces and residential buildings located in the most prestigious and central areas of the cities in which it operates.

In Romania, the Group also operates in the health field, through the company Veroniki Life International, headquartered in Bucharest, which manages an extremely performing clinic with several specializations, providing a new model of integrative medicine for regaining the health condition and for improving the lives.

Lately, Veroniki Holding started to produce r-PET packaging for the food industry, through the company Veroniki Ecogrup, which uses the state-of-the-art technologies and operates in a modern plant of 5,200 sqm., inaugurated in September 2017 in Contesti, near Bucharest.

The Group pays a special attention to “Social Responsibility”, acting in various countries in the culture and education fields, through excellence centers such as Dragan University Golden Age and Universitatea Europeana Dragan (Dragan European University – e.n.). The Group is also active in the research and historical dissemination fields through publications and scholarships granted through the “Stefan Gusa” General Foundation.

Since it was founded, Veroniki Holding belongs to the same family, which ensures the continuity in management and the maintenance over the time of the same values that underlie our activity. The Group’s mission is to create value through integrity for the benefit of its customers, employees and shareholders, and its goal is to become the most efficient, solid and environmentally-friendly organization in the areas in which it operates.

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