Orban: We’ll table no-confidence motion against Dancila Gov’t if certain it will be voted by enough MPs of power

National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman Ludovic Orban said on Monday that his party will table a censure motion if it is sure there will be enough parliamentarians of the power to vote for it, so that the motion should have chances to be passed.

“The no-confidence motion is a very serious approach, which must be based on negotiations conducted on all levels, serious negotiations to obtain the minimum guarantee that there are parliamentarians from the parliamentary majority who vote for such a motion. (…) We will table a no-confidence  motion after we find that there are the highest chances of obtaining votes from some parliamentarians in the parliamentary majority,” he said, recalling that, in order for a censure motion to pass, the vote of 67 parliamentarians beside those of the opposition is needed.

Asked if there are signs that the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE, minor at rule, ed.n) might support such an approach, Orban replied: “There are enough signals in this respect, but you know very well that we will face the same boycott used by those in the governmental majority, that is they will not allow MPs to vote. (…) Here we must have the guarantee that if someone is determined to vote, they will breach this order given by PSD and ALDE.”

At the same time, Orban declared that the visits abroad of the Liberal MPs would be cancelled 14 – 21 November, as their presence in Parliament is important if certain procedures appear, such as draft laws, simple, censure motions, requiring the presence of all PNL MPs at the vote.

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