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January 27, 2022

PSD: A National Executive Committee related to the dissidents Tutuianu and Firea is expected. Dragnea: We cannot miss such a pleasant subject

The Chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, stated on Thursday that the situation of the Vice Chairpersons Adrian Tutuianu and Gabriela Firea will be discussed in the next meeting of the National Executive Committee (CExN), since “we cannot miss such a pleasant subject”.

Asked at the Parliament if in the CExN deciding the reshuffle, there will also be a discussion on the recordings in which Adrian Tutuianu criticizes several ministers, referring also to the PSD leader, as well as on the announcement of certain PSD General Counselors according to which they will no longer vote the projects if Mayor Gabriela Firea doesn’t consult them, SocDem leader ironically stated that he doesn’t think that the subject will be avoided.

“I think it will be discussed, because since it is such a pleasant subject, we cannot miss a discussion on it”, the PSD Chairman said.

Being asked by the journalists if he is satisfied with the activity carried out by the Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, Dragnea answered: “I’m not here, at the microphone, to do this, I have other colleagues who opine on certain ministers. I am used to talk inside the party. Either taped or not”.


Adrian Tutuianu makes serious accusations: The recordings are orchestrated by members of the PSD central structure


On Friday, the Vice Chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Adrian Tutuianu, wrote on Facebook, after new recordings with him were revealed, that these actions are part of his denigration, which was orchestrated under the direct coordination of certain members of the central structure of the party.

“I see that I am again the target of denigrating recordings, following those who have been already revealed in the public space, therefore I have to make the following mentions: 1. All the discussions took place in the organized framework of some party meetings which were attended b mayors, vice mayors, chairmen of local organizations, county and local councilors. These meetings are held on a regular basis, and moreover, they were justified by the context in which the Declaration on the state of the Social Democrat Party, a document that I signed along with other leaders, was debated by the National Executive Committee. 2. The revealed fragments were purposely removed from the context, being emphasized only those passages meant to cause conflicts with party leaders, and now with the Antena 3 Trust. 3. The recording action was premeditated, orchestrated by people with a career in the Securitate, who are members of the county organization, directly coordinated by members of the party’s central structure. The recordings were delivered to the television by people from the party”, PSD Vice Chairman Adrian Tutuianu wrote on Facebook on Friday.

“They said about me that I have connections with the intelligence services. I appreciate that I did only my job, including when I was the head of the Commission for the control of the SRI activity. Bu according to the model “thieves shout ‘there are the thieves’”, the real #Securitate guys use these methods, not only to denigrate me or put me into an unfavorable position, but also to radicalize my colleagues against me and to determine, in the end, a possible sanction. 5. I would have been expected the central leaders of the party to immediately condemn these Securitate practices, instead of using them for personal reckoning and approving them. 6. Similar discussions take place in all the county organizations and they are related to the nature of some more or less heated debates. But I haven’t noticed any other leader who became the target of such a despicable denigrating campaign”, the Social Democrat added.

Tutuianu pointed out that he maintains his opinion on the situation inside the party.

“I see that I am a favorite #target since the moment when I signed the above-mentioned Declaration. The campaign conducted against me is meant to discredit me, assuming the risk to de-structure the Dambovita County Organization, to create frictions between various leaders of the party, and not at last, to cover other vulnerable topics that are on the public agenda. 8. I will continue to be a #worthy man, and I maintain my opinions on the situation inside the party. Everything I stated is actually correct. If I will be requested inside the party, I will bring further clarifications for each of the approached topics. 9. Contrary to the expectations of those who have instrumented this campaign against me, the PSD Dambovita Organization remains united, strong and determined to continue to be in the top of the most performing organizations in the country”, the PSD Vice Chairman concluded.

The third audio recording, in which Adrian Tutuianu said, at a meeting in Gaesti, that the PSD Deputy General Secretary Codrin Stefanescu is making phone calls in the territory, was revealed on Thursday at Romania TV. In reply, Stefanescu says it is a “total invention”.

In September, Adrian Tutuianu, who is the PSD Vice Chairman and the leader of the Dambovita Organization, was telling his fellows from Gaesti that he swore Codrin Stefanescu at the PSD headquarter so loud “that I broke the windows of the Kisseleff building”. The reason allegedly was that the PSD Deputy General Secretary made some phone calls in the territory, telling the Social Democrats to challenge Tutuianu’s decisions to the County Council.

In reply, Codrin Stefanescu stated that this is Tutuianu’s “total invention”, and that he “is seeing only galactic conspiracies”, although he was, along with Gabriela Firea, one of the authors of the letter by which Liviu Dragnea’s resignation was required from the PSD leadership. The PSD Deputy General Secretary added that the Social Democrats were too permissive with Adrian Tutuianu.

In a series of recordings published by televisions, PSD Vice Chairman Adrian Tutuianu says, among other things, that PSD is a “party of monkeys”, because it accepted Liviu Dragnea’s proposal to propose Sevil Shhaideh as Prime Minister, and because the Economy Minister Danut Andrusca “is so stupid that he cannot listen more than 5 minutes when someone talks to him”, and his only connection with the economics is the fact that “he had a tire repair shop”. Also, Tutuianu was taped when saying that the Labor Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for the Control of the Activity of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Claudiu Manda, are “stupid”. Tutuianu also said that during the last PSD CEx, Vice PM Paul Stanescu told his colleagues, “in his ‘arithmetic’ style, that those who want to support Liviu Dragnea should take him by the hand and walk with him in Bucharest, Brasov or Cluj, and if the people’s reaction is a positive one, then ‘all of us are idiots’. But ‘if people swear to you, this is your risk”, Tutuianu said.

The PSD Senator also reminded of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ioana Bran, saying about her, in the discussion with the SocDem mayors in Dambovita County, that she is “a nice girl, but she hasn’t worked in such a position for her whole life. Next week, a tax evasion trial related to his father and brother will take place”.




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