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May 24, 2022

PM Dancila completes assessment of the ministers: The reshuffle be a combined decision – depending on governing programme and political support

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated on Tuesday that she completed the assessment regarding the fulfillment of the governing programme, which wasn’t carried out depending on the people, adding that the Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) National Executive Committee (CExN) sitting will make “a combined” decision regarding the government reshuffle – depending on the programme and the political support.

Dancila added that a date for the CExN sitting hasn’t yet been established, but the decision must be made within a week.

“I cannot give you names, the assessment was carried out depending on the measures of the governing programme. I present the assessment, but I have to get a vote and a political point of view, I will see the opinion and support of everyone in the CExN. I cannot say now that a certain number of ministers will leave, a certain number will remain. It will be a combined decision – the assessment depending on the programme and the political support. We will discuss with each ministry. We haven’t yet set out the date. At the same time, I believe it’s necessary to make a decision within a week,” PM Dancila mentioned.

She also stated that she will carry out a presentation of the entire activity.

“We are firstly interested in seeing the stage of fulfillment of the governing programme, I will discuss with each ministry and following a vote in the CExN sitting, we will make the decisions,” the PM stated.

When asked why the CExN meeting got canceled, Dancila said that the meeting will not only tackled topics regarding the assessment.

“You realise that this CExN will not tackle just the assessment, other discussions must also be carried out with those who will come, if we are to make these changes and we will definitely make these changes and, then, everything must be measured very seriously, because let’s not forget that as of January 1, 2019, Romania will take over the Presidency of the Council of the EU and we need experience and expertise in this respect,” Dancila stated.

She mentioned that the assessment wasn’t carried out with respect to certain people.

“I mentioned that I completed the assessment, that I carried out this assessment not in relation to certain persons, that I try not to speculate regarding a certain person, I carried out the assessment depending on the fulfillment of the measures of the governing programme, but also depending on the 115 measures which we talked about at the PSD congress. I will present this assessment within the CExN sitting, we will decide within the party when this Committee sitting will take place,” Dancila stated.


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