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PM Viorica Dancila expected to finish evaluating ministers in view of Gov’t reshuffle. Orban: Gov’t reshuffle must start with Premier Viorica Dancila

Premier Viorica Dancila was expected to complete her evaluation of the ministers on Monday, evaluation on whose basis the Government reshuffle decisions will be taken, a topic that will be on the agenda of PSD’s Executive Committee meeting this week.

Dancila has already pointed out that the evaluation of the members of her Cabinet is not “about names” but about the activity of each minster.

“I won’t carry out an assessment concerning the names, I will carry out an assessment concerning the activity of each minister. For us this is important, to see how each minister fulfilled the governance programme. We won’t refer to names,” the Prime Minister insisted on emphasising.

“It’s not about how much I am pleased or displeased, we’re talking about some criteria, about a roadmap,” Dancila added, pointing out that she will present the evaluation at the National Executive Committee meeting.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said that he will demand that good communication should be one of the qualities of a minister, arguing that a minister who is afraid of the press has no place in the Executive. He pointed out that he is dissatisfied with the activity of some ministers, but he did not want to name names.

Considering that Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced that none of the party’s ministers will be reshuffled, the talks will focus on PSD ministers.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has been the only one intensely discussed, Tariceanu stating about him that he “is a very good minister, has results, he raised the office’s dignity to unprecedented levels.”

In response, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea sarcastically stated: “Mr Tariceanu says Mr Toader must necessarily remain in the Government. Mr Iohannis says he must leave. We have a great dilemma within the party. We’ll express ourselves, we must weigh very well. We’re talking about two poignant personalities in Romanian politics and PSD must weigh.”

Moreover, he stated that “Tudorel Toader was not a topic within the PSD, the idea that he must remain in the Government appeared on the part of ALDE out of the blue; a problem was made up where there was no problem and we must solve it.”

He claimed he will express his opinion on this subject within the party.

Asked whether she is pleased with Tudorel Toader’s activity, PM Dancila said: “It’s not about how pleased or displeased I am. We’re talking about some criteria, about a roadmap, we will see that roadmap, the tasks he had to fulfil, and then I will state within the ExCom and I will take a decision.”

Lists of ministers set to be reshuffled circulated in the public space last week, PM Dancila categorically dismissing the existence of such lists at that moment. Deputy Premier Paul Stanescu was rumoured to be replaced by Lia Olguta Vasilescu at the helm of the Development Ministry. Economy Minister Danut Andrusca and Transport Minister Lucian Sova were also on the lists.


Teodorovici on reshuffle: I’m concerned with doing my job, whether it’s the weekend, night-time, daytime; the Premier decides


Referring to the Government reshuffle, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici stated on Sunday that the decision in this regard is taken by the Premier, adding that as minister he is solely concerned with doing his job.

Asked about the Government reshuffle, the Minister stated on Sunday, for Antena3, that the decision will be taken by Premier Viorica Dancila at the National Executive Committee (ExCom) meeting. He also explained the way the ministers were evaluated.

“This is decided by the ExCom, based on the Premier’s evaluation. There are all the measures included in the governance programme for this or that ministry, sometimes there are measures which involve several ministries; a discussion takes place with each minister, we discuss the cases in which more time is needed to implement a measure, or why a measure wasn’t implemented when it should have been. At any rate, we have measures until the end of the year, but we also discussed the stage they are in,” Eugen Teodorovici stated for Antena3 on Sunday evening.

Asked whether he fears a potential reshuffle, the Finance Minister said he has a different take on things and is concerned only with doing his job.

“After many years, with me being maybe the oldest among my colleagues in the administration, I see things differently. I’m concerned with doing my job, whether it’s the weekend, night-time or daytime. I’m obligated to discuss with the Premier the measures taken and when I have pertinent arguments I present them, and the Premier decides,” Teodorovici said.


Orban: Gov’t reshuffle must start with Premier Viorica Dancila


PNL President Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that the Government reshuffle is the way used by PSD leader Liviu Dragnea to “bribe” those who saved his position as party president by appointing them at ministries and added that Premier Viorica Dancila should be the first one reshuffled.

“We have discussed about the so-called Government reshuffle being discussed today. It will be discussed tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too. In our view, this Government reshuffle is nothing but a way in which Liviu Dragnea is bribing the barons who saved his chair as president, by offering them some positions, and is punishing the barons who rebelled against him,” Ludovic Orban stated at the Palace of Parliament, after PNL’s Executive Bureau meeting.

The PNL leader claimed that Premier Viorica Dancila should be the first Government member reshuffled.

“In PNL’s view, the reshuffle should start with the Premier, with Viorica Dancila, who is the most unfit person at the helm of a Government. Likewise, we consider that Ms Dancila, who says she is evaluating the ministers, does not even have the ability to self-evaluate herself [sic], let alone other ministers. Consequently, we consider that this reshuffle will bring nothing good to Romania and that Romania continues to lack a Government. They are nothing but lackeys of PSD barons, responding only to the orders issued by Liviu Dragnea,” Orban added following PNL’s Executive Bureau meeting.

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