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May 24, 2022

PSD’s Dragnea: The effects of the abuse in Justice need to be stopped, Government and Parliament have to work on them

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, major at rule, ed.n.) Liviu Dragnea declared on Wednesday that the effects of the abuse in Justice need to be stopped and mended and that these two need to be worked on in both Parliament and Government, underlining that people that are good at this should “put solutions on the table, not just blabbering.”

“I still consider that in this field we need two very clear matters: stopping the abuse, which implies changing the mechanism, the occult system of this underground organization, which allowed this to happen, actually decided and allowed these abuses to occur. The second objective – to repair the effects of the abuse. On these two we need to work in Parliament, in Government, I do not know if they need to be worked on in the Justice Ministry as well, but in Parliament and Government they must be worked on,” Dragnea specified, in Parliament, asked if there is a need for amnesty, pardoning or anything else as remedial measures for the victims of the abuse in the Justice system.”

Liviu Dragnea added that for the first objective partial answers were attempted in Parliament.

“These are questions that, at least for the first one, we have tried to give partial answers in Parliament, namely to change the system that allowed these abuses to occur, and for the second objective, if they will not work on it in Government, we will try to work on it in Parliament. What the best approach will be, I am referring to the most efficient one, not just a means that will give the impression that those affected can receive some satisfaction, we will start working on it,” Dragnea said.

Asked if amnesty and pardoning are taken into consideration as solutions, Dragnea specified: “We are not taking them into consideration because I do not have the training of Mr. Toader [Tudorel Toader, minister of Justice ed. n] nor do I have the training of the specialists in the field. I still insist that people who are good at it should put solutions on the table, not just blabbering, things that nobody understands, neither to use this pretext for PR stunts.”


“Any tentative minister removal is PSD’s in-party decision, not instrumental to Opposition interests”


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea said on Wednesday that should the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) decide to remove a minister from office, this will happen inside party structures, and will in no way be instrumental to the Opposition’s plans.

“Not even I voted for the simple justice motion. This means that the PSD lawmakers did not accept to sack a minister at the Opposition’s request. This is what my statement yesterday was about and the significance of today’s vote,” Dragnea said, and went on to ironically comment certain hyped media allegations about a move foiled by PSD putschists. “It seems that little by little the PSD putschists are turning into a sort of ISIS – whenever there’s an explosion any place on the globe, they promptly claim it. This was a clear signal that if it decides to remove a minister, PSD will do it inside party structures, not as an instrument to the Opposition’s interests,” Dragnea said at the Palace of Parliament, when asked about the meaning of his Tuesday statement that the PSD deputies will vote on the simple justice motion according to their conscience.

Dragnea also denied allegations about him having arranged with a Liberal leader to help pass the motion on justice. The PSD leader added that the amnesty and pardon ordinance is not his main concern.

“The amnesty and pardon ordinance is turning into a media fetish, but it’s not my main concern. It is my understanding that one of our deputies was unhappy with the Minister of Justice for failing to promote the amnesty and pardon ordinance. But we, those who think otherwise, are more numerous and we also have a different approach, we are accustomed to discussing elsewhere, not on hallways and on media outlets. Those who are increasingly seeking the limelight, let them just show off, but this will probably backfire on them at a certain time,” Dragnea added.


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