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October 2, 2022

Commissioner Corina Cretu: It’s sad that we succeed to unblock projects in other states and in Bucharest I only receive accusations, insults

No other major project has been lodged with the European Commission besides the M6 metro line, European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu stated on Friday, adding that it’s sad how in other states she can contribute to the development and unblocking of projects, while in Romania she only receives accusations and insults.

She added she would have understood to be considered a party and country traitor if Romania had filed with the European Commission dozens of projects that were delayed or forgotten for long periods of time.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have major projects under analysis lodged at the Commission besides the M6 metro line, project for which I still await a reply to a letter sent by the Director General of DG Regio, Mr Marc Lemaitre, to the Transport Minister, without which regulations do not allow me to adopt a decision. No other major project has been filed with the European Commission, while Romania has long ago exceeded the dates that it has pledged itself to submit, not only for regional hospitals, but also for Pitesti-Sibiu, Targu-Mures-Iasi, Craiova-Pitesti highways, Braila bridge, Pipera-Berceni subway, Bucharest Ring Road, etc. It’s sad that in other countries we succeed in developing and unblocking projects and in Bucharest, I only receive accusations and insults. Not only me, but the services of the European Commission or other European institutions,” the European Commissioner stated.

Corina Cretu said that, in respect to the future European budget for the period 2021-2027, “she struggled to get more money for Romania, so that it benefit another 8 billion compared to the current programming period for investments to the benefit of the Romanian citizens.”

Corina Cretu’s reaction comes in the context in which Deputy Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Codrin Stefanescu stated on Thursday evening that “she doesn’t represent the official standpoint of the PSD and Romania.” “Corina Cretu is no longer pro-PSD, she is more pro-Brussels. Corina Cretu doesn’t currently represent Romania’s interest to build regional hospitals at 10 times lower costs. She represents the interests of some circles of interest in Brussels. Of course, they do not like it: when an EU country finds a solution without paying their feasibility studies, commissions, and all that is needed, surely they all combust. We will work with private partners and build to the benefit of Romania and Romanians. I’m telling her live: Corina, aren’t you pleased? You go back to the Government and discuss! There are experts who work in Romania’s interest and for the Romanians,” Codrin Stefanescu stated at Antena 3 private television station.

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