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Prime Ministers Dancila, Netanyahu evoke the traditional friendship and the excellent level of Romanian-Israeli bilateral relations. The two officials agree to organise economic forum with section dedicated to business to business contacts. PM Netanyahu : Romania is a great friend of Israel and cooperation with our country is on an upward trajectory. I’m looking forward to the day when Romania moves its Embassy to Jerusalem

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed on Friday, before the joint meeting of the two countries’ governments, to organise an economic forum with a section dedicated to business to business contacts.

According to a Government release, on Friday, Viorica Dancila had a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, who was a special guest of the quadrilateral high-level meeting of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Serbia taking place in Varna, Bulgaria.

“The two high officials evoked the traditional friendship relations between the two states, as well as the excellent level of Romanian-Israeli bilateral relations, based on a natural partnership and a 70-year tradition,” mentions the same release.

The Israeli PM voiced support for the Romanian Government and reiterated his interest in paying a visit to our country to discuss the rescheduling of the joint meeting of the two countries’ governments. Moreover, before the joint meeting of the governments, the two high officials convene to organise an economic forum with a section dedicated to business to business contacts.

Moreover, Dancila presented to his Israeli counterpart, the legislative modifications brought in the public-private partnership field, modifications which boosted the attractiveness of the Romanian investment environment.

The Romanian Prime Minister reconfirmed Romania’s interest in consolidating and deepening the relations with the State of Israel in strategic cooperation, cyber and energy security, medicine, research and innovation, says the release.

The two PMs have also voiced their satisfaction with the advancement of the negotiations on the conclusion of the Partnership between Romania and Israel in the new technologies field, which is likely to stimulate the mutual interest of the business communities of the two countries, in order to capitalize on the potential of the bilateral economic relation. They also underscored the importance of strengthening relations in the healthcare, tourism and education fields.

According to the Romanian Executive, also discussed were the modalities of cooperation between Romania and Israel, including from the perspective of Romania preparing to take over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of next year.

On the same occasion, the two PMs had an exchange of opinion with respect to aspects related to the current international situation.

“During the meeting, the two high officials also evoked the role of the Israeli community originating from Romania in the creation of the modern State of Israel and highlighted their contribution to the consolidation of the relations between the two states,” reads the same release.


Israeli PM says he’s looking forward to the day when Romania moves its Embassy to Jerusalem


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Thursday in an interview broadcast by Antena 3 private television station that he is looking forward to the day when Romania, alongside other countries, moves its Embassy for Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and gave assurances that when the move materialises, the Israeli Government will be there with “a red carpet.”

When asked about the political storm sparked in Romania following the discussions regarding the move of the Embassy of Romania from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, PM Netanyahu stated he has “enough politics in Israel,” thus he will not get into the politics of Romania. However, he wanted to mention founding “a tremendous friendship” from all the leaders that he discussed with.

“Obviously, we wish to have all the embassies come to Jerusalem. President Trump [the US President] did an historic statement when he actually recognised the obvious. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, it’s been the capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years, since King David and 1,000 years before the common era (…) This is where the seat of our Government is and that’s where it will always be. So, obviously we appreciated President Trump’s move,” Netanyahu stated, while voicing hope that other countries will do the same.

“I look forward to the day when Romania does it and so will others. And by the way, I expect others to do it very soon. So, it’s a question of time, I’m sure, but it will take place. When the Government of Romania decides to move its Embassy to Jerusalem and recognise that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital we’ll be there with a red carpet, I assure you,” Benjamin Netanyahu stated.


PM Netanyahu : Romania is a great friend of Israel and cooperation with our country is on an upward trajectory


The Romanian state “is a great friend” of Israel and cooperation with Romania is currently on “an upward trajectory,” the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview on Thursday broadcast by Antena 3 private television station, while specifying that he was looking forward to have concrete discussions with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila in Varna on Friday, to identify new modalities of developing the relations between the two countries.


According to the head of the Israeli Government, the level of the partnership existing between the two countries is reflected in the “depth of contacts.”

“We cooperate in so many areas. Israeli investors invested in Romania, first of all because they thought it was good businesses, but also I think it’s a reflection of sympathy. We cooperate in matters of security, anti-terror. Romania stands often with Israel in difficult diplomatic arenas and we appreciate this. We recognize our friends and we consider Romanian a great friend,” said Netanyahu.

Asked to give a mark to the Romanian-Israeli relations at this point, Benjamin Netanyahu said it was close to the top.

The head of the Israeli government used this occasion to speak of the danger of “radical Islam,” which is one of the common concerns he said he would approach at the high-level meeting Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia held in Varna.

“We are a common civilization (Israel and Romania – editor’s note), not only because we have this human bridge of close to half of million Israeli who come from Romania, but also because we are being challenged by the forces of radical Islam that want to bring down our civilization, kill our people. And we see that the sources of militant Islam are not only the extreme, the radical Sunnis like Al-Waida and now Daesh, ISIS (the Islamic State), but also Iran, the radical Shia that it leads; they have just sponsored several terrorist attacks on the soil of Europe, which we hope prevent. So we have a common interest to both bring our countries forward, bring a better life to our people, but also bring a safer life to our people against these common threats. And all of these I look forward to discussing with the leaders here, in Varna,” said Netanyahu.

He underscored the fact that he is “very proud” to be the first foreign leader to be invited to the summit and specified that he took it as “a compliment to his country and people and to our friendship.”


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